Laporta starts on pole

The former president confirms his favoritism with 10,257 signatures. Víctor Font, 'outsider' with 4,710. Freixa (2,822) third way and Rousaud (2,510) expects to reach 2,257 after the validation process.


Only four candidates for the presidency of Barcelona presented more than the 2,257 signatures necessary to officially aspire to govern the club from next January 24, the date set today for the Barça elections in the absence of a key meeting between the club and the Generalitat next Friday. They were Joan Laporta (10,257), Víctor Font (4,710), Toni Freixa (2,821) and Emili Rousaud (2,510). A period is now open until next Thursday for the electoral Board to validate the signatures. In the last elections, in 2015, there was an average 10% of invalid signatures. That would mean that Rousaud's candidacy would be up in the air.

The other candidates did not make the cut, but they leave the race in very different ways. Jordi Farré fought to the end and transported 2,082 signatures from his headquarters on Numancia Street. Xavier Vilajoana, who was making his first electoral attempt at Barça, presented 1,967 signatures. Others, such as Agustí Benedito, did not lose well and did not even present their signatures at the club, which implies a certain alteration of the process since the signatures that they had received cannot be compared with those of other candidates to verify alleged duplications.

The first cut confirms the favoritism of Joan Laporta, president between 2003 and 2010 and a candidate defeated by Bartomeu and the treble in 2015. Laporta appeared as the winner at the Camp Nou at 5:00 p.m. with his entire management team. "I am excited. 10,257 signatures in a pandemic is to honor for so much mobilization. Now I ask you to make me president," he summarized. Laporta also asked that the Generalitat not postpone the elections: "It would not make sense for them to be suspended, they have to be held. The voting sites have been set. Our candidacy is in favor of voting because Barça cannot be there anymore ungoverned time, without a president and without a Board. And it would be strange if the Barça elections were suspended ".

With Laporta in the lead, Víctor Font becomes the main outsider. He is the candidate who has invested the most time in preparing his project and, with the exception of the gigantic media figure of Laporta, he has obtained results. As in the first surveys, it appears as a second option. Your strategy is clear. He presents himself as the candidate of the future against Laporta, whom he claims to represent the "nostalgic" .

The ideal scenario for Font, however, has not occurred. The Granollers businessman, always according to the experts, was convenient for a face-to-face with Laporta. However, and except for the invalidation of signatures, there will be two more applicants in the race. Freixa, with a powerful sports project led by Lluís Carreras, is the third way. Rousaud has behind his candidacy to Minguella. He is the one who has sold the most names (Neymar, Haaland). However, he has suffered to get to court and is awaiting signature validation. Election race underway ..., with the pandemic asterisk.

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