Lakers and Clippers take position to try to sign Bradley Beal

The two Los Angeles teams are after the possible addition of Bradley Beal of the Wizards, the most wanted player of the moment.


The NBA's top scorer, Bradley Beal, is in the sights of most teams. After the transfer of James Harden, another of the great players with an uncomfortable situation in his franchise and quality to improve a contender for the title is him, star of the Wizards and leader of this season's scorers list with 34.7 points per encounter.

Two of ESPN's best-informed journalists have spoken in recent hours about the status of inter-team talks with Beal as included.

Brian Windhorst: "It's what everyone is talking about within the League. There are executives I've been talking to who are evaluating moves to make before the market limit and also moves just to better position themselves in order to make a better deal for Beal when the time comes, whether it's March or August. "

Adrian Wojnarowski: "The Lakers and Clippers would love to get involved. But it's all about having options to trade. Beal will have something to say about his fate because of the contract he has. But there are many more teams, like the Warriors or the Nuggets, who have tools and believe they can find a way to make it happen. "

Beal has expressed his frustration with the direction of the Washington Wizards, who are the worst team in the NBA according to the classification and despite the changes - such as the arrival of Russell Westbrook or the renewal of Davis Bertans - made before the season. The only way out for him at this time is through a transfer, although he has said that he has not asked the franchise because he wants to continue in it. The guard has a contract until 2022 and can extend it even until 2023 scratching almost forty million more. Beal is one of the NBA's most consistent scorers at age 27 and his addition would be tremendous for any team in the title orbit.

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