Kroos: "Lopetegui had a shitty moment at Madrid"

It hurts the German midfielder "personally" that the coach did not triumph in his white stage and was "very happy" that he won the Europa League with Sevilla.


Kroos always speaks out and has done it again on his weekly podcast. The German midfielder is not a friend of putting on warm cloths and has spoken very sincerely about Lopetegui's frustrated step at Real Madrid. The German shows a lot of respect and is clear that it is one of the things that have not worked that has taken away his sleep the most. "Lopetegui's dismissal was the one that hurt me the most personally because he is a first-rate coach and person. He just had a shitty moment when he became a coach here. I was very happy for him when he won the Europa League with Sevilla he deserved it, "says the midfielder.

It is not the first time that Kroos positively values Lopetegui's passage through Real Madrid, despite the fact that the results did not accompany and lasted just a few months in 2018 as a coach. "I think he did a great job but he was unlucky and if you don't have results it is not good for the club," he said in 2019, months after his dismissal. Lopetegui started the season well both in the League and in the Champions League, the team had lost the Super Cup, but little by little as the weeks went by, Madrid was less, weighed down, especially due to its lack of goal and ended with the dismissal of the technician.

Kroos would not have fired him.

Despite everything, Kroos continues to emphasize the wisdom of Lopetegui and makes it clear that, if it had been for him, the now Sevilla coach would have continued to lead the white ship. The German emphasizes in his podcast Einfach bad Luppen: "Jessy (his wife) kept asking at home: 'but hey, what's up?' And I told him that I was very sorry and that I would have kept him because I was convinced of him. " At the same time, the world champion with the Mannschaft in 2014 makes it clear that it was probably the worst time to become Real Madrid coach. "He goes to Madrid, where he catches the year after the three Champions League and in which Cristiano leaves. It was clear that it was not going to be an easy year," explains Kroos.

Neither did the mess between Lopetegui and the Spanish National Team go unnoticed, which left all of Spain speechless. "I think it was the preseason of the World Cup, he was fired just before because he made the decision in favor of Madrid," recalls a Kroos who continues to keep a fond memory of Julen and is not shy about making it clear: "Honestly, I felt it It was the dismissal that I felt the most of all, simply because I was and still am convinced of him as a coach and as a person. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. It was a story that came to me quite a bit as a player, "concluded the Madrid star.

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