Koeman: "I'm not bad now, nor am I the best when I win"

The Dutch coach assumed that the team made a lot of mistakes in defense, "you can't turn, shoot or pass so close to our area."


Ronald Koeman assumed that his team is touched after losing this final, but announced that the team “continues to improve and find the way” .

How do you explain the defeat?

During the game we were twice ahead. The worst goal was the second. We have tried, but it could not be.

How do you feel now?

Sad and disappointed because we wanted to win the final. But I still think we are on a good path and we are improving. But there's not much time to get off.

Do you understand what happened?

Highly contested by both teams. We have not arrived with much danger. We scored the first goal, but they tied us quickly. We went ahead again, but they scored us in the 90th minute, so it is very difficult to win.

Where did the equipment fail?

We have to improve defensively. You have to be more forceful, you cannot let yourself spin, shoot or give a pass. I am giving my best. I'm not the best now, nor when I win. But this defeat has been very hard.

Was Messi at 100%?

We have spoken. He told me that he was fit to start the game. It has endured in the field. Nothing more can be said.

Is it a step back?

I don't see it that way. It's true that winning a title strengthens you. But we will show in the next matches that we are on the right track.

How did you like arbitration?

I better not talk about the referees so as not to repeat myself.

What happened in the fault?

It is also the quality of the opposite and having people who do very well at the top. It is always difficult for us, we lack height in this type of plays.

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