Kahn dismisses Ramos: "Bayern have nothing with him"

The Bayern legend and member of its board of directors acknowledges that he would have liked to play with him, but that the club, despite its contractual situation, does not think about him.


There is no German route open for Sergio Ramos. The central defender ends his contract and does not find an understanding, at the moment, to expand with Real Madrid. Bayern Munich was one of the names that had been associated with his future, but Oliver Kahn, the legend of the Munich club and a member of its board of directors, has ruled it out completely. Ramos does not enter into Bayern's plans, despite the fact that they also give up Alaba, with whom Kahn is respectful.

"As a player, I would have loved to play with Ramos. But there's nothing like that," Kahn explains bluntly during an interview on Sky90. The exporter thus ditch any rumor, showing that Bayern does not mince words when confirming or denying something. In fact, they just did it with Upamecano, recognizing the interest as well. “It is like that, it is in demand throughout Europe. This season he has shown the quality he has. Of course we have conversations, "says the manager who points out that Bayern is the priority now for many players due to his great sporting moment when referring to Upamecano." He is a player that many of the best European clubs want. But only Bayern is currently the most successful club in the world in sporting terms. Consequently, of course, we are now especially attractive to such players and they will eventually choose us. "

About Alaba, Kahn is understanding, he has been a footballer and knows the motivations that can lead to a change in a career. “We are going to lose David Alaba. We made you an offer a long time ago. He did not accept it. I also understand that a player like him, who played for Bayern Munich for a long time, is looking for a new challenge. We have to think about who might be the right one to replace him, "Kahn acknowledges.

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