Justice includes Numancia in the 'Fuenla Case' process

The Soriano club advances in the courts, they have agreed as an interested party in the lawsuit in the conflict of powers between LaLiga and the RFEF to resolve the Fuenlabrada case.


The 'Fuenlabrada case' that had Spanish football in suspense throughout the summer of 2020 has not yet come to an end. The central court of contentious-administrative number 2 of Madrid has rejected the previous allegations of LaLiga against the lawsuit filed by Numancia. The Soriano club filed an appeal against the CAS resolution in which said court gave the powers to decide on the 'Fuenlabrada case to the LaLiga Judge and not to the RFEF Competition Committee.

LaLiga tried to paralyze said appeal by Numancia saying that it was not an interested party in the process and that it lacked legitimacy. But the judge has rejected the allegations of LaLiga and the State Bar and does consider him legitimate to present the appeal. "Regarding the legitimacy of the appellant (Numancia), it is true that he was not part of the file in which the CAS decision fell [...], which does not mean that he lacks interest in it. The appellant takes it for granted that the resolution that had fallen into the file processed by the RFEF against Fuenlabrada would have affected the final composition of the Second Division, in its 2019-20 season, by altering the results of matchday 42 ", says the order.

In this manner, the Numancia appeal continues on its way and all parties have 17 days to respond to the claim. The judge will have to decide if Numancia, Deportivo and the RFEF are right in that the federal entity has the power to resolve the 'Fuenlabrada Case' and its possible administrative promotion or the repetition of matchday 42 of the Second Division. In addition, from now on, the RFEF's claim against the CAS resolution will be included in the one initiated by Numancia.

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