José Gomes takes out his eleven of gala against Castellón

Almería intends to redeem itself from the last puncture with the trick of Umar Sadiq against a Castellón that is looking for its second consecutive victory to take oxygen.


Almeria welcomes Castellón in one of its most exciting weeks in recent years by playing the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey in 72 hours. However, José Gomes does not want distractions, speaking with facts. Against Sabadell he put his eleven gala in contention, reserving it against Osasuna, so everything indicates that the starters will start again today (follow the game live on The Indálico team seeks to compensate for the puncture against the Catalans, with that fortuitous slip of Makaridze in the final stretch that cost two points in the fight for promotion.

In that goal of hunting down direct promotion positions, Gomes will have the trump card of Umar Sadiq. The Nigerian will start and threaten Castellón with his particular streak: in the last seven games he has scored in six of them. Behind him, Corpas, Carvalho and Aketxe, three of the rojiblancos most fit in recent weeks. Although José Gomes will not facilitate the call until today, he only has the doubt of Maras, among cottons, with options for Chumi, in addition to those of Ivanildo.

The Castellón of Juan Carlos Garrido is a new team. The Valencian coach made his debut with a balsamic victory against one of the greats in the category, Sporting de Gijón, to momentarily leave the relegation zone and begin to dream of a possible permanence. Today he can get closer in case of surprise despite his bad numbers as a visitor (the second worst foreign in the category) .

Garrido is gaining arguments to believe. In recent weeks he has been recovering assets until he has practically the entire squad to face the match. Only Juanto Ortuño appears on a list of casualties that has decreased exponentially since the arrival of the new technical body. No changes are expected in an eleven that competed from start to finish in Castalia against those of David Gallego, showing a change of direction in the DNA of the team at the first change. Garrido has known how to take advantage of the previous manager's legacy to build a more competitive and direct team based on that. The result, so far, has been optimal.

José Gomes (Almería): "My footballers are looking forward to the game because the feelings of the last one were not good and they want to change that image and do the best they can. When we went to Castellón in the first round they were among the teams with more possession. In the last game against Sporting de Gijón they used a more direct game, long ball and playing the second plays. You have to be prepared in defense for second plays, it will be very important. Also have more breaking movements in the defensive line on the contrary to be able to create spaces. They will play a different football from the one they were doing ".

Juan Carlos Garrido (Castellón): "Almería has one of the best squads in the category, if not the best. They always want to play with quality and have players on the field to combine with the ball. They are one of the favorites for promotion Direct. The team knows that it requires the maximum fight, the maximum demand, the maximum work capacity, the maximum effort because the rival is one of the best teams in the category. The team works and competes well. The game the other day is a reinforcement. Our defense will gain in competitiveness because they are good defenders. It is important that when we arrive we are right in front of the opponent's goal ".

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