In the hands of Laprovittola

The point guard has become essential since Campazzo's goodbye and Llull's loss: 8.8 points and 5 assists in 22 minutes in the last 9 games.


To Campazzo's departure have been joined by Llull's discomfort in one knee for which he has been out for three weeks, the extremely serious injury to Randolph, Rudy's chronic back problems increased by the expense he suffered on Monday ... The white squad accumulates 70 low parties. A loss of resources that he has fought with another giant step by Tavares: 14 points, 9.7 rebounds and a PIR of 24.4 in 30 minutes in the last 10 days of the Euroleague, since Facu left at the end of November.

In this time something Causeur has appeared, who had barely played for the coronavirus; Deck averages a couple more minutes; and Thompkins, Carroll and Taylor nail their sock. So the big change is Tavares and… Laprovittola. Madrid is now in the hands of the Argentine, the only point guard that Laso has left. The only one, at least, that, with its ups and downs and bouncy characteristics, is answered. In summer, remember, he had a foot and a half outside the club.

Without Campazzo and without Llull, Alocen (20 years just turned 20) had a leading role against Armani Milan and little else. He looks somewhat self-conscious, without the spark of his time in Zaragoza, which would do so well for Real now to change the more linear rhythm of Laprovittola. And there is Abalde, whom Laso has put at the helm on several occasions, the last without success on Monday against Red Star.

The Galician is, after Tavares, the player with the greatest positive impact (+87 with him on the court). He embroidered it against Zenit and in the double overtime against Panathinaikos, but his contribution has fallen in the Euroleague, curiously, without Campazzo. So Lapro has taken a leading role in game creation. In the last two games he has piled up 17 assists even without shining. Until matchday 11 he had only scored in three of them (in two he did not play) with an average of 3.4 points, 3.1 basket passes and a PIR of 3.7 in 13 minutes. Since then, in nine other games, he has become essential: 8.8 points, 5 assists and 11.7 credits in 22 minutes.

The yellow arsenal

In those times, Madrid arrived in Tel Aviv for a new round of the most repeated fight in the history of the European Cup (38 to 23 for the whites). Expect a Maccabi who is two wins from eighth place when he was penultimate at the end of November. Six victories in nine games have made it possible and play “the best basketball of the season,” according to Caloiaro. Between Wilbekin, Elijah Bryant and Tyler Dorsey on the perimeter they contribute 37.3 points per night. Inside, Othello Hunter and Zizic (and Bender), plus the aforementioned Caloiaro to open the field. More arsenal than triumphs, although the trend seems to change. Llull and Rudy are low and Tyus has recovered from a sprain. He returns home to Tel Aviv, where he has recognized that Madrid already contacted him in the summer and that is why he signed for Galatasaray (and not for another Euroleague club), to be able to free himself if they needed him. And they need you.

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