"If I had stayed at McLaren I would not have won again"

"There were times when I doubted if I was going to win again with Mercedes. But I followed Senna's lead," says Lewis Hamilton.


"Any suggestion that Lewis Hamilton will not be with us this year is simply false news. Plain and simple." This has been the firm response that a Mercedes spokesperson has given to 'Formula1news' after being asked about the status of negotiations with Lewis Hamilton to expand his link with the Brackley team.

A renovation, which if we take these statements and the last words of Toto Wolff as a reference would be very close to being produced, which would allow the British to continue building something new and unique in the Great Circus at the wheel of the Silver Arrow. Hamilton, who is in the mountains of the United States physically preparing for a new season, admits in a talk with the cybersecurity company 'Crowdstrike' that this was the main reason that led him to take the risky decision of more than five years ago leave Woking for the county of Northamptonshire.

Hamilton: "There were times where I doubted if I was going to win again with Mercedes"

"I joined McLaren when I was 13 years old, so they were my family and I felt very safe and well cared for. However, I didn't feel like I was helping build something new and unique. I wanted to go somewhere where I could apply all the lessons learned at McLaren and make that team that was not having much success have it in the future. When I signed for Mercedes, they didn't have many trophies in their gallery. But they were rising, growing. And every day more and more new people arrived, "says the seven-time champion.

Likewise, Stevenage appreciates the trust that Ross Brawn and Niki Lauda placed in him to lead the German project, as well as predicts that if he had rejected the offer from the Germans, right now he would only have one title on his record: " There were times when I doubted if I was going to win again. But I followed the example of taking risks like Ayrton Senna. In life you have to take risks. If I had stayed at McLaren I would not have won more titles. I would still be a one-time champion of the world after 14 years. Niki Lauda once told me that things happen for a reason, one way or another. And I'm very, very grateful to have taken that step. I took that leap of faith. It's thanks to people like Niki, may his soul rest, and Ross and Mercedes for truly believing in me ".

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