Huesca ends up on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Pulido scored the 1-1 in the 96 'but was annulled by the hand of Siovas in a corner with the 22 in the area. Getafe win with a needle goal from Arambarri.


Pacheta entered Huesca with force but the results remain the same. A new defeat, this time at the Coliseum in Getafe, leaves the team closer to Second and increases the loss of faith. Until the 1-0, the best of Huesca had been the goalkeeper, Alberto, who took out everything that could be removed but who swallowed Arambarri's shot: a needle goal, as the cults of the time said, a goal below the legs , as has always been said.

From the first day, Pacheta's speech was a winner, encouraging the troops and enthusing the fans. His staging was also daring. A 3-4-3 scheme, with three centrals guarding and with the fast and diabolical Escriche, Rafa Mir and Ontiveros tail-tailing. The bottom player, playing with more forwards than the leader.

A dynamic match was enjoyed. In the 11th minute Escriche did everything right except the most important thing: aiming the shot. His control in the race with his thigh as he slipped between Etxeita and Djené was tremendous, his orientation with the second touch was perfect, his shot touching the post (on the outside) spoiled everything.

On the 17th minute, Nyom shot from outside the box by Albert. A minute later, the chance was from Kubo (Take on the shirt), in a direct free kick that saved the barrier but that Alberto served under sticks. The storm continued and, in the 20th minute, a Siovas header shot splinters off the left post of Yáñez's goal. But of all of them, the one that came closest to entering was Arambarri's shot to the post (28 ') with a half volley.

The round-trip match benefited Huesca more, in need of victory. Another of Pacheta's contributions was taking care of set pieces. Huesca headed all the fouls he put into the Azulona area in the first half. Badly defended, of course.

Aleñá and Kubo continue to give Getafe what it did not have: a wide repertoire, a range of triangulations and searches for space that go much further than direct play at length.

Kubo makes more noise, but Aleñá is much more of a player. When the ball passes through him, he always improves the play, as in his shot from outside the area in the 56th minute that Alberto took a corner. Alberto, always Alberto, taking another under sticks in the 69th minute from a distant shot from Arambarri.

The goalkeeper of the Under-21 National Team was being the best of the game until Arambarri took that honor from him when he scored a needle goal, slipping the ball under his legs. The one who had sought the goal the most, the one who had come closest to achieving it, ended up achieving it. Arambarri. The assistance? From the gamer: Aleñá. Aleñá improves everyone who walks around him, Arambarri behind, Kubo and Cucurella on the sides and Mata above.

With no choice but to die trying, Huesca finally defeated Getafe. There was a game until the last second. Even goal. It reached the draw. It was canceled. It happened in a corner in the 95th minute. He went up to finish up to goalkeeper Alberto. Between the anxieties of some and the fears of others, the play ended up being a nervous breakdown, with the ball bouncing off the legs and arms, with everyone releasing their legs without rhyme or reason. The ball ended up in the net because Pulido's shot ended there, but it was annulled by a previous hand from Siovas.

Pacheta: "I'm happy because this is the way"

It will not be a bed of roses. Demonstrated in the first match?

This we knew. I am very proud. We have to adjust details. We played a very complete game, conceding little to a team that we have equaled in its virtues. We finished more than the rival and I am happy because this is the way.

Were the changes because the team was having a hard time finding their plan?

The plan is to always be the protagonists and overcome the rival. We made changes to refresh the team. When you come to Getafe and you are able to compete as we have done, I am satisfied. The rival plays and has to accompany the fortune in some moments of the match.

What does the team lack for the victories to come?

Huesca played a very worthy match. We were in the opponent's field and we ended up in their area. We have lacked being precise in the end. We are in a very interesting path. It is not going to be easy, but a very tough fight. The team has left its soul. In the essence of the game we have equaled Getafe and I am proud of these guys who have left their souls. We have to give a little more to win. We still have to be more vertical. I have nothing bad to say about the team.

What did you think of the arbitration in the controversial plays?

I have not seen the doubtful shares and I have to see them because I have been told that they are doubtful, but I do not want to value them. I cannot talk about arbitration because I am missing data. Nyom's action has been told to me that it could have been the second yellow.

Writer title for the first time Do you mean that you count on it until the end?

What of Escriche is the same as that of the other twenty-four of the team. I have to get the most out of all of them and while Escriche is on my team how much with him. We will see the movements that happen and I hope they happen quickly so as not to talk about these things. We have shot fifteen times on the door and see if we can take a quick prize. To compete on Saturday without worrying.

Do you think Getafe's triumph is fair?

I think the fairest thing would have been epatar. We have received less than we deserve. I only talk about us and congratulate Getafe.

On the disallowed goal. Do they all whistle in attack?

I would like to discuss that rule. There are things that change almost every month. I can't talk about the action because I haven't seen it. I don't want to divert attention. The team is alive and that is my message. We were consistent, we conceded little and we had situations to score. We have to be more precise.

Bordalás: "We work in silence as in recent years"

In what position would Getafe be if the signings had arrived in the summer?

We are happy with your arrival and you are helping us a lot in the little time you have been with us. They have a lot of potential and enthusiasm and we are very happy.

The fouls were thrown by Kubo. Is it your decision?

He is a player who executes them very well and we talked about it before the game. We have other players and depending on the profile I thought he could help us. Some he got very well.

Why did you decide to change the game system?

Due to Aleñá's characteristics, we made that decision. We did not have a player with that profile on the team who connects well and with a good last pass. Today he helped us in a very difficult game. Depending on the players, you make decisions and change the drawing.

Does victory strengthen the dynamics?

It is very important to win two games in a row in such an even and difficult season. We must work in silence as we have done in previous seasons. We seek victory at all times. Very happy for Arambarri who is a fantastic player and an incredible professional. I congratulate the whole team. Mauro left with his abductor affected and we decided not to take risks with a very important player.

Olivera and Cabaco stayed outside. How are you? 444 444

They are in discomfort and we decided not to risk because there are several games in a row. We will try to get them back for the next one.

How far can Getafe go?

We are happy with the fresh air and the talent that the two new guys give us and with the fantastic group we have. We needed to link victories. We do not set medium-term goals because we have not reached the equator of the championship. It is going to be more and more difficult. This victory gives us confidence and we will work with humility to see where we can go.

Pacheta thought the tie was fairer.

They are opinions. Yáñez did not have to intervene and by initiative and intentions we deserved the victory. There were few spaces and it cost us, but I think we deserved the victory.

How do you rate Take Kubo's match?

I have spoken with him. He has come with great enthusiasm and I have told him that he must develop his game and his talent. He has participated little in area zones and in the second I told him to go more to the center. He has sacrificed himself defensively helping Damien and has fitted in fantastically well. -JA De la Rosa

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