How much do you sleep on a Dakar?

It is the most common question that those who write to you ask every day to know how you are


It is the most common question asked every day by those who write to you to know how you are. "And how about tonight, did you sleep well?" In fact, it is usually the first, because they know well that in order not to fall apart with the demanding lifestyle of the bivouac in Saudi Arabia it is essential to be well rested, and that is something that is not always possible to comply with, in fact, it is not. practically never. Because the reality is that on a Dakar you get little sleep, sometimes too little, and there are days when it is inevitable to feel that the competition runs over you as if you were simple camel grass in the middle of the desert.

We will not go into the how (in a tent and enduring very cold nights with layers of clothing as if you were going to go out to play with the snow in Madrid), only the how much. The usual thing for journalists who travel from one place to another by plane is to have to get up every day between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning, so if the night before you have left for a little time ... That is every day, except in those that repeat camp, as in Neom (since the ninth stage, which takes place today, is a loop and starts and ends in the same place), that's when you have to make the most of . It will be tried, if the thunderous 24/7 noise that sounds in the bivouac allows it, but that gives for another story ...

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