Historic failure of Bayern

The North German team stood up and took the knockout round of the Pokal to the penalty shoot-out after the tie at two. The gaffe of the freezing afternoon was Marc Roca.


The modest Holstein Kiel of the Bundesliga second division achieved a feat that will be remembered forever on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The North German team stood up to an entire Bayern Munich, took the knockout round of the Pokal to the penalty shoot-out after the tie at two in regulation time and, finally, ended up eliminating the German soccer giant in a deserved way for the courage he put into the whole crash. The gaffe of the frigid afternoon was the Spanish Marc Roca, who was the only player on the pitch who erred in the execution of his maximum penalty and led to Bayern being eliminated in the round of 32 of the cup for the first time since 2000 . History of the Pokal and a very hard stick for Hansi Flick.

What everyone expected happened. Bayern took control of the ball and did not take a quarter of an hour to get ahead on the scoreboard. Gnabry advanced the Bavarians in an irregular position, but the goal ended up going up to the light of the Holstein-Stadion due to the absence of the VAR in the cup competition in Germany. What happened next is a summary of the deficiencies that Bayern has suffered throughout the season. He offers many spaces behind his defense and Bartels knew how to take advantage of it in what was a book against.

Bayern had barely shaken when the leather hit Neuer's net again, but this time the refereeing team did hit the mark and did not cancel for Lee's offside. The Bundesliga champion played with fire. And, just at the time when it was worst, one of the players appeared who was focusing criticism for his poor performance. Sané nailed a direct free kick in the Kiel squad and put Bayern ahead again, which continued to suffer until the end and, in the last gasp, ended up receiving the well-deserved draw in a Wahl header that sent the shock into extra time.

The third-placed Bundesliga 2 called on the epic and it could not be more fair for the intensity, heart and claw with which Ole Werner's pupils fought for a total of 120 minutes. Bartels had it, but failed to hook the leather. Davies tried to avoid the ridiculous cupbearer with a left foot that Gelios cleared in the local frame. The Greek-born goalkeeper also deflected a shot from Marc Roca, who had entered replacing Gnabry. There was no way. Kiel resisted the Bavarian attacks and took the match to penalties. Everyone was right except Marc Roca and madness took over Kiel.

Photos from as.com
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