Hayward and the Hornets return the Knicks to stark reality

Bulging defeat for the Knicks, who have not started the season badly. Gordon Hayward went out against one of the teams that loved him.


The Hornets dominated this game against the Knicks, who, due to Burks' loss, seem to be losing some of the good rhythm with which the season began. In Charlotte they did not compete as their fans had accustomed in the first weeks, they had no option of hurting a very serious opponent on the track who is already positive in the classification.

Although the Knicks dominated on the inside, also taking into account that Cody Zeller is not in the Hornets, their shooting percentages did not go up, they stalled in the bad dynamics they proposed with their triples. The New Yorkers struggled to score and fell to less than ninety points.

Gordon Hayward, with 34 points (11/17 shooting from the field), was the best. Thibodeau admitted that he was one of the players they had in mind to sign, but finally the forward decided on a Hornetsd who paid him 120 million. Knox (19 points) was the Knicks 'leading scorer with the same background as the Hornets' second-in-command, Graham. The young LaMelo Ball got closer to the triple-double (8 + 14 + 7) although with a bad day in the shoots (3/13).

The Knicks have already had three losses in a row, this being the sixth in total, while the Hornets reach 6-5 on balance with four consecutive victories.

Photos from as.com
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