"We have a very strong team but we will not race like Ineos or Jumbo-Visma"

Allan Peiper, one of the directors of UAE Emirates, analyzed the team's potential for the 2021 season with Pogacar and the arrival of Rafal Majka and Marc Hirschi.


The UAE Emirates team is nominated as one of the squads to follow in the peloton in the 2021 season. After surprising everyone with the triumph of Tadej Pogacar in the Tour de France, the United Arab Emirates team has put together another block powerful if possible with the arrival of Rafal Majka or the promising Marc Hirschi among others.

In statements collected by Cyclingnews Allan Peiper, one of the directors of UAE Emirates, analyzed the team for 2021, qualifying it as the strongest in its history. "It is the strongest team I have ever worked with. It is the strongest team the UAE has had. We are fortunate to face the challenge of the 2021 Tour and we have also brought Majka and Hirschi in addition to the young people we have. We have a lot of work to do. ahead but we have the power to fight for the yellow jersey on the Tour from day one. It's a nice challenge ".

Peiper also reviewed the odyssey that the Tour represented for the team since, despite Pogacar's triumph, the Slovenian could not count on his teammates in good shape due to dropouts or injuries and he believes that, despite building a strong block, he will not they will run like Ineos or Jumbo-Visma. "With Aru out and Davide Formolo and David de la Cruz fractures as well as Marco Marcato sick, our team was very weak last year on the Tour. We are still a developing team and it is only our fourth year in the World. Tour, and we have signed good riders like Hirschi or Majka. We also have youngsters like Mikkel Bjerg and Brandon McNulty. I think we have enough ammunition to run or defend positions if we need it. I will not say that we will race like Ineos or Jumbo-Visma. That is not our tactic in a race ".

The sports director also analyzed the figure of Tadej Pogacar and how the team will face the races for him. "Pogacar has already shown that he can win the Tour, in addition to having been third in the 2019 Vuelta. He can defend himself on all terrains and with the team we have we can cover him and give him the opportunity to position him well. We don't need to follow what other teams do. , we are strong enough to have our strategy on how to handle the race and take responsibility if it touches us. The only thing that stands in the way of great cyclists is pressure from contracts, money or the circumstances around them and that's why they collapse or you see cracks in it ".

Peiper also wanted to emphasize that, unlike other cyclists in the peloton, Pogacar has continued to uphold his values and that this will help him to continue succeeding in his career. "However, Pogacar's character is different from any cyclist I have seen. Those elements of his personality will keep him on track: his calm, his gratitude to those around him, his emotional response without being negative. He always has stress, but It keeps it to a minimum and if you have fun on the bike you can keep running like you are.

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