Harden wants to leave Houston now: "I don't think it can be fixed"

The player left the press planted after a brief sentence after a bad game against the Lakers. Let me see you want to leave the Rockets now.


The transfer of James Harden in the NBA sounds strong again. And not because of journalistic information, but because it was he himself who showed his discomfort at the state of his team still at the moment and made a veiled declaration of intent: he wants to leave Houston now. The player made it very clear in the post-game press conference that his team lost to the Lakers last night. His words were a jug of cold water for the aspirations of the Rockets, who hoped to get him into the dynamics of the new squad as the weeks progressed and that his desire for change was curtailed. "We are not good enough. I love this city and literally do everything I can, but this situation is crazy and I don't think it can be fixed," he said, then added "thank you" and left the chosen place of the Toyota Center in the one who makes connections with journalists to give explanations.

What underlies this brief phrase is the following: simply to make public what was already known, that he wants to leave, but also that he wants to do it now because he does not see progress in the Rockets game. Harden cannot explicitly ask for the transfer and shout it from the rooftops because, according to NBA rules, he would be penalized for it with a large fine. It has already happened in the recent past with other players like Dedmon, Bledsoe or Anthony Davis. But it's what Harden wants and it's a way to make it very clear.

John Wall immediately went to talk to journalists, was asked about these words and responded in a forceful way to his partner: "When you have certain people who don't go with everything, it is difficult to do something good or something special with a basketball team. Come on, man, you want me to blow it up after only nine games? There's still a lot of basketball to play. "

Harden puts himself back in the pre-season situation, when he asked the Rockets managers (an owner who is not sure if he wants to sell the franchise despite having it for three years and a general manager recently promoted after the previous ) to find another team for him. There was no agreement before 2020/21 began and Harden began to act unprofessional, not only because he was in poor shape but because his communication with Stephen Silas (also new, in his case as a coach) was very scarce and because had to comply with anti-COVID protocols after partying to another city when he should have been training.

Not that a deal is imminent, as Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) warns, because it is difficult to place Harden because of what the Rockets ask for him and the list of preferences he has given. The Nets, Sixers and Heat seem to be the most interested in getting his services. According to Tim MacMahon (ESPN), negotiations are ongoing with about six franchises and Harden is being asked for an opinion on the matter.

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