Hannah and Tyson Pérez give the first to Andorra of the Top-16

The American point guard scored a triple with 37 seconds to go against Mornar Bar and the pivot caught a key defender with only 11 seconds left.


MoraBanc Andorra resisted the success of Jacob Pullen (22 points with four triples) and got his first victory (71-74) in the Top-16 of the European Championship this Wednesday.

The dominance in the rebound, especially offensive, was key for Ibon Navarro's men to take the first victory on a complicated court like the Mornar Bar. He highlighted the good performance of Clevin Hannah, with 16 points, and Artsiom Parakhouski, with 12 and 7 rebounds.

Little rhythm, little success and pulling individualities. This was the staging of the Mornar Bar and the MoraBanc Andorra. Little offensive fluidity and many errors without forcing. The success from the 6.75 line of Mihailo Pavicevic's â € ”finished with a 4 of 7 in triples- with triples by Pullen, Needham, Vranjes and Kenny Gabriel.

The initial set was 11-4 and the worst news for the Andorrans was that Clevin Hannah quickly took charge with two fouls. The first act ended on 18-12.

El Mornar Bar, with a more solid game and with greater offensive success, came to win by 10 points of difference with 28-18 and with an attack-inspired Isaiah Whitehead with two consecutive triples. The entrance to the Artsiom Parakhouski track was key for the Andorran people.

The Belarusian center scored six consecutive points and led a 3-8 run for 28-24. Those of Ibon Navarro gained confidence and improved in defense. Little by little they were cutting differences and reached one point with a triple by Senglin and two free throws by the North American (35-34). Two free throws by Needham ended the second quarter with 35-34.

At the restart, the 15 points scored by former FC Barcelona base Jacob Pullen were not enough for Mornar Bar to win the third quarter.

The visitors could not stop Pullen, but Clevin Hannah's leadership and dominance in the offensive rebound made them go ahead 8 seconds to the end and end the third quarter with a 57-59 and a triple by Senglin that was quite decisive to reach the ahead on the electronic for the first time.

For the Mornar Bar, Jacob Pullen was the star of his monologue with his 15 points and his three triples in just 10 minutes.

In the last quarter, the improvement of BC MoraBanc was a reality although they had to struggle due to the eight consecutive points of Nemanja Gordic.

With 37 seconds remaining, Clevin Hannah hit a 3-pointer to make it 71-72. At 11.8 Gordic missed his triple and 'Tyson' Pérez captured his 10th rebound of the game and went to the free throw line. He did not miss to place the 71-74 at 11 "8 for the end.

The guard Jacob Pullen, who was a real bad dream for the Andorrans, missed the decisive triple that would have forced extra time. MoraBanc finished the game with 40 rebounds to 21 from Mornar Bar -16 offensive-.

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