Hands again: different criteria with Ramos and De Jong

Munuera Montero whistled the Super Cup semifinal and Eibar-Real Madrid. He lived actions with similarities in which both he and the VAR saw it differently.


Barcelona beat Real Sociedad on penalties in the first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup (1-1) played this Wednesday at El Arcángel, home of Córdoba. The green and white stadium experienced a duel with good game, goals, emotion and controversy. The focus this time is on the penalty by Frenkie de Jong at the start of the second half.

Oyarzabal crossed from the left wing and the ball hit Frenkie de Jong's arm. At that time, Munuera Montero pointed to the penalty spot and, according to his gestures, it had received the approval of the VAR. From eleven meters, the Txuri-urdin winger himself beat Ter Stegen to make it 1-1. Then, the German would shield his goal to force the round in which he would get the pass. Although on this occasion he did not hesitate to point out, on previous and similar occasions he did not act in the same way.

Munuera Montero was also in charge of refereeing Eibar-Real Madrid on December 20 in Ipurúa. In this match, Real Madrid won 1-2 in 80. In that minute, Eibar attacked from the left and hung a ball at the far post of Courtois's goal. In search of him were both Muto and Ramos. The Japanese anticipated, finished off and the ball hit the white captain's arm. The realization showed the images while it was being reviewed but neither the VAR nor the referee at the grass level decided to award a penalty in favor of Eibar.

From the grass and from the bench, the gunsmiths complained about the game at stake when the action happened. Mendilibar, Eibar coach, also did it in the press room after confirming the defeat of the Basques. The latter complained of the disparity of criteria when indicating this action.

"We have no idea, this week there have been some hand counts and we don't know when it can be whistled and when not. Today the decision has been made in 20 seconds when normally there are two or three with a slow image, a fast image, from a camera , on the other. It has been seen that he has hit him on the hand, Ramos himself has commented that he has hit him on the hand, but since we do not know when it is whistled and I think the referees do not either. We will continue with the same problem all the time. season. It will not matter whether there is VAR or there is no VAR because the problem will continue to exist, "he said after the match. In this meeting, and after certifying the victory, Ronald Koeman did not comment on the controversy.

For Iturralde González, specialist referee for AS, Munuera Montero's decision was correct in the case of Sergio Ramos. "For me it is not a penalty, it is a very natural hand. I agree with the referee. There is no clear and manifest error. If the referee sees it and considers that there is nothing, Cuadra Fernández will not tell him to go to the monitor, "said.

De Jong's play has its similarities, although the referee understood that there are also differences when giving importance to the path of the ball (different from the Ramos case). In the Madrid center-back he is practically on top of him and in De Jong he comes from a long pass. Are both penalties? Only one? None? With so many criteria, it is difficult to tell.

Photos from as.com
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