Green light for Monte Carlo

The new restrictions announced in France do not prevent the development of the first event of the year, which will start next Thursday at Gap.


Nobody gave a euro for the Monte Carlo Rally. The evolution of the pandemic and the restrictive measures of the French government suggested that the first round of the World Championship was doomed to failure. But in the end the inaugural test of the season has the green light, and the engines will begin to roar at Gap next Thursday.

The Monaco Automobile Club has changed the rally's organizational chart on countless occasions to adapt to the successive measures that were being imposed in France. Among others, coupling their schedule to the curfew between six in the afternoon and six in the morning. But one last stumbling block was missing: the measures announced this afternoon by the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex. And, although the restrictions have been extended, they do not prevent the dispute of the test.

Only attendees arriving from Great Britain will have to advance their trip to Sunday to avoid the seven-day quarantine that takes effect from Monday for them. Something that will affect the Ford team and many of the employees of the company promoting the championship, who come from the United Kingdom. In fact, some of the components of the oval formation are already in France and they have started the preparatory field test with Teemu Suninen today.

The one that has not been saved from burning has been the Historic Monte Carlo Rally, which was to be held a week after the World Championship event, whose cancellation has been announced today.

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