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The Navarrese coach of Valencia faces the club of his loves; Confirmation match for Valencia, with Gayà, Paulista and Gameiro back.


One thorn that Javi Gracia has in his time as a footballer is not having defended Osasuna's shirt as a professional ("If I could have played my entire career there, I would have done it," he confessed after hanging up his boots); A pity that will always accompany him is not having been able to keep him in the First Division the year he was his coach ("It's the club of my land, my house, my family ..." he said yesterday) .

Gracia faces Osasuna for the first time since he left his bench and he is not the only one who will have a somewhat divided heart this afternoon. It will happen to Nacho Vidal, half a life like che; Lato, who was 'reborn' as a red-legged footballer; without forgetting Braulio Vázquez, with a past through Mestalla and even a son, Jesús, under the command of Gracia. But none of them will be up for romance when the ball rolls. Valencia and Osasuna play a lot; Some confirm their resurgence, others break the 12-game winless streak (follow the game live on .

In their confessions in Tajonar, neither Arrasate nor Braulio see Valencia as a rival for not relegation. But the classification says that Gracia's are still there. Their last victory in Valladolid, plus the cups against Yeclano and Alcorcón, makes them see life in color. Valencia seems to be taking the pulse of the season and, in addition to sensations, it recovers troops for the cause: Gayà, Gabriel Paulista and Gameiro. The first two point to eleven, the Frenchman will expand the wardrobe. Carlos Soler will also be in the call, but Gracia wanted to play the game: "We will not risk" .

Arrasate appears in the Mestalla with five casualties and will use Unai and Roncaglía to form the defense. The rojillos suffer from the evil of the areas (those that receive the most goals and those that score the least), but they come from leaving Real Madrid frozen (0-0) and from hunting parrots in the Cup.

Aces to follow:

Maxi Gómez: He has five goals, although his benefit for the group goes beyond them. He will put the 'renewed' Rojilla behind to the test.

Moncayola: Despite his youth, with his self-confidence and daring he has earned the confidence of the coach and is one of the regulars of the eleven.Registrations and registrations:

Gracia only has the withdrawal of Cillessen and the doubt of Soler. Recovers Gayà, Paulista, Gameiro and Guedes, who have already completed their two penalty games.

Arrasate will not be able to count on Rubén, Aridane, Darko, Adrián and Chimy Ávila, due to injury; David García is dismissed due to sanction.

The statistical corner:

Osasunas has only beaten Valencia twice as a visitor and one of them was in Castellón due to the closure of Mestalla (1992). Thus, it is 17 years since his last (and only) victory at Mestalla. In fact, Osasuna has not scored in Mestalla since 2010.

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