Good news about Marc Márquez

The pilot has visited the Madrid hospital where he was operated for the third time for a check-up at six weeks.


Light at the end of the tunnel. At least it is what is to be expected and desired in view of the latest official information on the status of Marc Márquez. The MotoGP rider traveled to Madrid this Thursday to undergo a review at the hospital where he underwent surgery for the third time a month and a half ago, where it has been found that "his clinical and radiographic evolution is satisfactory for the time of recovery ”, according to the statement issued by Honda.

On December 3, doctors Samuel Antuña, Ignacio Roger de Oña, Juan de Miguel, Aitor Ibarzabal and Andrea García Villanueva from the Hospital Ruber Internacional performed surgery on the right humerus of the man from ilerdense, subsequently discovering that there was an infection in the area affected. A complication that set off all the alarms and caused greater concern both in the pilot himself and in his surroundings, the team and even other medical specialists consulted in this regard.

During this time, the oldest of the Márquez family has been undergoing antibiotic treatment and rest from physical activity. Fortunately, the doctors' review carried out in Madrid has yielded a positive prognosis, although the Honda rider will have to continue fighting the bone infection with antibiotics. In addition, they will continue with “a functional recovery program adapted to their clinical situation” .

In the brief information provided by HRC, any information regarding the recovery periods is omitted, so caution is maintained in this regard and it is not known at what point they will be able to rejoin the competition.

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