Girona longs for Stuani's goals to dream of the playoff

The rojiblanco team has 16 goals this season in the league, which are the same goals that the Uruguayan signed last season in the first 21 league games.


Having Stuani is a luxury for Girona, but the truth is that this season they have hardly been able to enjoy it. Injuries have been a major headache for the Uruguayan and he has only been able to participate in seven league games. Last Saturday, in the Copa del Rey against Cádiz, he reappeared and it is expected that this 2021 will be decisive in the rojiblanco team. His goals are necessary to dream of the playoff and Stuani does not reject the role.

The Uruguayan striker is the rojiblanco club's main asset and the entity does not hide that many of the options to finish among the top six classified this season go through him. Since his arrival at the Girona club he has shown a great punch and this season his goals are being missed. The success facing the opposite goal is a pending issue for the second round and that is that, in the first 21 league games, the rojiblanco block has only celebrated 16 goals and is the third-lowest scorer in Second (only Alcorcón have worse numbers and Albacete, with 12). And to verify the importance of Stuani, just look at his data and it is that last season, he was already able to add 16 goals in just the first round. That is to say, the same ones that the whole Girona now wears.

But Stuani is back and his feelings are unbeatable. Against Cádiz he enjoyed a scoring chance in the little more than 25 minutes he was on the pitch and this season, despite playing only seven duels, he has already accumulated two goals. This Saturday against Espanyol he is running as a starter and it is a match that has been marked in red by his past parakeet. In addition, it has the incentive to return to live a duel with David López. The squabbles between the two have been a constant in the last duels between Girona and Espanyol.

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