Forstemann, the 'Hulk of the track'

The German pistard sports the most imposing physique in his discipline. He is a lover of fitness, weightlifting and climbing.


He may be a great unknown to the general cycling public, but surely from now on they will not forget his face. Or rather, his legs ... We are talking about Robert Forstemann, a track cycling runner who has achieved multiple feats in his career, such as the bronze medal he achieved in the team sprint event at the London 2012 Games, but that due to its imposing physique has been viralized on several occasions on social networks in recent times.

Due to his fondness for fitness, weightlifting and climbing, the German sports the most imposing physique in cycling, including pistards, which usually have more muscular legs as it is a discipline that involves developing a lot of power in short periods of time.

It is not a simple pose or way of life for Forstemann, since thanks to his physique he has also shone in competition in Europeans (four golds, two silver and three bronzes) and in World Cups (one gold, one silver and three bronzes). The German team speed team will be more than grateful to their 'Hulk' ...

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