Five years with Robert Sarver on the property

The club has settled the debt of the bankruptcy and has reduced the debt with the Treasury to 10.7 million euros.


On January 4, 2016, the North American Robert Sarver, owner of the NBA Phoenix Suns franchise, acquired 77% of the shares of Real Mallorca through his company Liga ACQ Lagacy Partners LLC, after exercising the pre-emptive subscription right of said shares.

Accompanied Sarver in the operation Andy Kohlberg, former professional tennis player, current club president, and former NBA player and MVP Steve Nash as a director, and currently only a shareholder since he became coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Upon his arrival, Sarver invested 21 million euros to take over the majority shareholding and since then he has drastically reduced the Balearic club's debt. After those initial 21 million contributed in January 2016, in November of the same year it contributed 8 million more; a year later, in November 2017 another 10 million; 3 million more in April 2019 and another 9 million in October 2020. In total, 51 million euros.

In this way, with the aforementioned capital increases, the club has liquidated the debt of the bankruptcy and has reduced the debt with the Treasury to 10.7 million euros, economic operations that have given consistency and solidity to the club over the course of the last five years.

In sport, Sarver handed over the management to Maheta Molango, who was dismissed in 2020 for loss of confidence and erroneous sports decisions, before the last relegation to Second. It should be remembered that during the ownership of Robert Sarver, Real Mallorca descended to Second B, rose to Second Division the following year and a year later to First Division, and fell back to Second Division in the last year.

Sarver maintains that his project is long-term and while sportingly he has combined successes with failures, in his mind he is remodeling the stadium and building a residence for the quarry in the Ciudad Deportiva, two ideas that have received the rejection of the institutions for now premises

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