Fernando Alonso still aspires to have his own cycling team

The Asturian dropped the idea again through his Instagram. Kimoa, his clothing brand, would play an important role in supporting the structure.


Fernando Alonso has not completely buried the idea of setting up his own cycling team. The Asturian pilot was already on the verge of meeting this goal years ago, when in 2013 he tried to take over the structure of the Euskaltel, but ended up resigning due to the high costs of the project.

Now the former Formula 1 world champion has again spoken out on the subject on his Instagram account. In a round of questions and answers with his followers, Alonso is questioned about the possibility of his clothing brand, Kimoa, sponsoring a professional team. And he answers yes.

It is precisely the fact of having Kimoa, who could be the main sponsor of the team in case the project materializes, that can make the difference this time. If the thing takes shape in principle, the supply of material would be in charge of MMR Bikes, an Asturian bicycle manufacturer.

Photos from as.com
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