Fausto Gresini slightly improves within gravity

"He started physiotherapy to rehabilitate both breathing and all the muscles", Nicola Cilloni, doctor who treats him in the ICU of the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital.


Former Italian pilot Fausto Gresini, 60 years old and hospitalized for coronavirus since the beginning of January, has made "small but significant progress" in his fight against the disease. In the words of the attending physician, Nicola Cilloni, in the intensive care unit of the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna, "Fausto Gresini's general clinical conditions are fragile, but they improve slowly and progressively" .

"He is conscious and the radiological and laboratory tests are also going in the same direction of improvement. He still needs help from mechanical ventilation, but the oxygenation of the blood is improving. He started physical therapy to rehabilitate both breathing and all muscles," he adds the medical part provided.

"He continues to be in a critical situation with a long history of treatment, but the course taken in recent days makes the prognosis more optimistic", concludes the information. Gresini, director of the Gresini Racing MotoGP team, was 125cc world champion in 1985 and 87.

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