Everything has changed: Monte Carlo in times of coronavirus

With a curfew from 18.00 to 6.00, restaurants closed and a ban on public attendance, the most mythical test of the specialty is blurred by the pandemic.


A year has passed and everything has changed. From the moment you see the assistance of Gap, the town in the Alps that gave rise to Sebastien Ogier, it is assumed that it is the same Monte Carlo Rally, but in totally opposite circumstances. If in 2020 it was packed with people, in 2021 there is not a soul. Coronavirus easements, which has disrupted everything. Not even the accredited press can enter the 'bunker' where the equipment is located, only a 'corralito' with strict sanitary measures on a couple of occasions.

In contrast, the caravan of cars patiently waiting their turn to buy a hamburger at McDonalds reached almost a kilometer. And it is that in France the conditions are much more leonine than in Spain. The restaurants are closed, and only take away food is allowed, the famous 'take away'. Thus, a humble servant of the pen managed on his first day of the 'new' Monte Carlo with a pizza eaten in the car at noon and a sad salad bought at the 'super' in the hotel room at night ... because you have to be picked up before 6 in the afternoon, and cannot leave until 6 in the morning.

Dani Sordo was desperate: “This is bullshit. I've been here for a week and I've done nothing but go from hotel to car and from car to hotel. I haven't been able to do any sport at the end of the awards. And then to see a rally without people is very sad. I suppose that when we have an audience again it will also be strange ”. Sebastien Ogier, who deprived himself of the warmth of his family in the home rally, consoles himself with the fact that “I hope that from television they continue to support me in the same way” .

Among the media the figures are clear: this time less than half of the special envoys have been accredited than last year. And, to a certain degree, it makes sense. If it is almost possible to get closer to the teams, drivers or stages, it does not make much sense to make the displacement. The new normal they call it.

Photos from as.com
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