Espanyol, between the blush and the shock of reality of Primera

Goodbye to the Copa del Rey against an Osasuna full of substitutes and homegrown players. Missed opportunity for many parakeet players to claim.


Missed opportunity. "Espanyol likes the Cup." How many times have parakeet followers heard and pronounced it? Well, seen what was seen on the pitch against Osasuna, this season there was plenty. It is true that this year was perhaps not the most propitious to do important things in this competition, with the team in the Second Division, but a great opportunity to step into the round of 16 and get excited has been missed. Osasuna arrived with a block full of substitutes and homegrown players and passed over a bland and lacking in ambition Espanyol. Substitutes for Osasuna, yes, but First and Espanyol cannot forget that he is Second. A stroke of reality. Vicente Moreno gave the alternative to players who need to vindicate themselves such as Vargas, Dídac, Melendo, Wu Lei, Fran Mérida and Cabrera, and all of them stayed at sea. They did not reach the shore.

Resolved question. This team in Second can, if they allow the license, make a specific mistake, but when you face a team with dynamics of First, even though they are substitutes or youth players, it kills you. And it was verified in the first half with a lot of shadows and no light. The Cup was a showcase, but not in a positive sense. It served to verify that there are footballers who are far from the level expected of them. The 0-1 was an accumulation of errors, David López and Calero appeared in the photograph, and the 0-2, the definitive blush. Mérida served a corner in the worst possible way, Melendo did not know how to defend Roncaglia in the race and Calero, the only one who traveled the entire field to try to defend, failed to catch Barja. It will be necessary to do a lot of self-criticism and hope that this revolt does not affect the League because there is no margin for error. It is time to rethink the present so that it does not affect the future.

Numbers. Vicente Moreno opted to place David López in the center of the field and a question appeared. If you wanted to give Keidi Bare a rest, why didn't Pol Lozano get minutes? The youth squad awaits an opportunity that has not just arrived. He seems tired with his situation and, after the game, he was not seen, along with Pedrosa and Keidi Bare, make a continuous race on the pitch. Perhaps the answer of wanting to form a rocky and experienced midfield against Osasuna is not the correct one because the red midfield, between Lucas Torró and Javi Mártínez (made it 0-1), does not exceed ten games in First.

Sounds. The referee Melero López did a great didactic exercise on the pitch. Dialoguing with the players, he was patient, enduring the constant indications of David López and in the corners it was clear: "I don't want grabs and elbows down." He also had a moment for Vicente Moreno when the parakeet coach exceeded his protests and asked for his understanding because "we can all make mistakes." But, without a doubt, the biggest indication that the Espanyol game was not was hearing the "come on, Raúl" when RdT appeared on the pitch. Embarba, Darder, Melamed and the forward had to appear to try to stop the ship from sinking, but the hole was too big.

Receipt. Who did live up to the Cup tie were the nearly 50 Espanyol fans who, despite not being able to enter the stadium, approached Cornellà-El Prat to encourage and receive Vicente Moreno's block. Members of La Curva were seen and heard thanks to their flags, flares, smoke bombs and chants.

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