Enis Bardhi shows off his hitting again 842 days later

The Macedonian returned to the pitch after more than two months stopped due to injury with an action within the reach of very few. He had not scored a foul for more than two years.


Enis Bardhi returned to show off his hitting from a direct free kick 842 days later. It had been more than two years since the Macedonian had scored a foul and it was against Valladolid, after being two and a half months stopped due to injury, when Levante's '10' started on the way to the comeback and to the quarterfinal with a goal to reach of very few.

"I hadn't scored a foul for a long time. But I didn't think about it that much. I thanked the coaching staff because we saw that there was a lot of space when there was a foul on the front and I thanked them," explained Bardhi after meeting, recognizing part of the merit to the advice of the coaching staff. Then you had to put it boldly in the corner, below the barrier, unattainable for Roberto.

More than two months later, the itch returns in the Levante fouls. Although it is true that Enis did not score since last October 7, 2018, against Getafe in Madrid. In his first season in Spain, he burst onto the national and international scene with force, showing off a privileged hit. The result: six fouls in his LaLiga debut.

An effect that was diluted with the passage of time, with the interference of men like Rubén Rochina and José Campaña in the set piece. More than two years later, 842 days later, Bardhi once again celebrates his specialty, the direct free kick, and threatens Real Madrid with his return.

Photos from as.com
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