Eintracht message to Zidane: "You just had to put Jovic ..."

The official account of the German club in Spanish praised the forward's game on loan from Real Madrid and took the opportunity to send a message to the French coach.


Luka Jovic made his redebut with Eintracht Frankfurt in the 62nd minute of the game that faced Schalke 04. The striker signed a dream match, with the two goals that gave his team three points. Of course, the impact of the Serbian striker has aroused many comments on networks. Among all of them, the most prominent is from Eintracht himself, on his Twitter account in Spanish, which sent a clear message to Zinedine Zidane: "You just had to put it ... What a great homecoming, Luka!"

The publication was quickly filled with comments and interactions, many of them in agreement with the idea that the striker did not have enough minutes at Real Madrid to show his level. However, there were also users of the opposite opinion: those who considered that Jovic's participation on the pitch dressed in white was testimonial and that at no time did he give a sign of deserving more opportunities.In addition, the Eintracht Frankfurt account in Spanish (official, as marked by its verification tick) shared tweets from journalists and the media, emphasizing the great game played by Jovic. Not only that, he dedicated almost a dozen messages to talk about the forward, happy and smiling on his return home. It remains to be seen what performance he will be able to deliver in the coming months, before returning to Madrid in the summer. At the moment, in half an hour he adds a double and his own club has already dedicated it to Zidane. The Serbian has not commented on the matter.

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