Dogwood grows strong

The Chilean from Honda wins the stage and leads with a minute over Price, who had a good day despite a smashed wheel. Barreda, 16 minutes.


The great doubt had not yet been resolved ... Would it be possible to overcome or always the one who asks for the first time will get the worst fruit? In the cars we had seen several times a good stage, even winning it, to those who start first, but not on the bikes. In fact, it was the most characteristic of the category with the continuous back and forth of drivers circling at the top of the classification ... until someone has managed to get strong to strengthen their fragile lead. Yes, we are talking about Cornejo, who converted his second advantage over Price in one minute.

We agree, it is still a very small advantage for everything that lies ahead, but the Chilean's merit is to have achieved it practically by opening the track, since he started only behind his teammate Brabec, and was able to take the 375-kilometer stage of special that closed the marathon by 1:05 on the Australian KTM. And it must be said that if Cornejo's performance was outstanding, Price's was no less so if we take into account the significant damage to his rear wheel that he had to repair on Sunday.

Y is that the bikes were required to complete the two stages of the marathon with a single set of tires. Toby had a significant gash in his and he repaired it as best he could with tape and zip ties. "Fingers crossed for me today," he wrote on his Twitter before leaving. Many would do it because that problem was not noticed in their time. Second best on the stage ahead of Brabec, who started and lost almost three minutes. Who cannot continue with the habit of shining when the part further back was Barreda: he lost almost six minutes.

The one from Castellón spent much of the special fully involved in the fight for victory, he even led a couple of waypoints, but in the last 100 kilometers time ran out and he sees how he goes at 16 behind the leader. A little further than the day before, but still at a difference that allows you to continue dreaming. Barreda reached the finish line in a group of four in which Santolino was also there, who missed just under ten minutes and is now 26 behind Cornejo. It wasn't the best day for them, but there are four left and anything can happen.

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