Distribution of points and errors

Osasuna took the lead on a counterattack as a result of Valencia's defensive misalignment and Unai signed the tie with an own goal; the point does not serve either Valencia or Osasuna.


Osasuna deflated the Valencia balloon and was close to puncturing it. Mestalla has not seen the Gracia win since November, who remain to live in the lower zone of the classification. Only four victories in 19 days. Normal that they are where they are. Osasuna scored both goals, Calleri his and Unai, that of Valencia. The rojillos added their fifth consecutive draw and they do not get the accounts either.

Osasuna's solvency led him to get ahead on the scoreboard. Until the break, those of Arrasate did not make a mistake in defense, while Calleri punished with scabies one of the few imbalances - tremendous, yes - of Valencia. Calleri shot Jaume after a counterattack produced by Roberto Torres and Nacho Vidal and which was born almost in the Herrera area with a short but quick serve from Unai García. Kang-in Lee did not bother as he should and the reds caught the rest of the black and white ones off foot.

That goal rewarded the faith of Nacho Vidal (his career to double Torres) and the stone chopping of Calleri, although it was also an excessive punishment for Valencia, a team that had put more will than talent to break the wall that Arrasate raised in Mestalla; with Roncaglia and Unai behind Torrá and Javi Martínez and Moncayola, ahead of him, a 4-1-4-1 that cost him so much to climb the ches.

Osasuna came back from the locker room convinced it could be the day to break his 12-game winless streak. Even Torró was close to 0-2. Valencia continued to face each other every time they tried to get closer to Sergio's surroundings and Gracia had no choice but to move the bench. And he was right. With the entry of Gameiro, Guedes and Yunus, the red wall began to have cracks and through one of them came the black and white goal, a good combination between Maxi and Yunus that inadvertently sent Unai to the back of the net.

They remained more than 20 minutes, enough time for Valencia to draw blood from the blow received by the rojillos for that own goal. But it was not like that. Arrasate regained control with the changes (Manu, Kike and Iñigo) and if one team flirted with victory in the final stretch that was Osasuna. But the stick left Calleri without a prize and in the end a point for each one, which is not enough for how much they needed.Gracia: "What was done was insufficient"

Match reading: Disappointed by the result, we had high hopes of victory and it was not. It was a game of territorial dominance, with little clarity in our final part. The rival had quick transitions and chances. It could have fallen for either of the two games. We add but it is not what we wanted.

Chances generated: We need to generate more chances, yes. But we are an effective team, we score goals: Our duty lies in the goals we receive.

Ecuador of the League; We are in a difficult situation. What has been done so far is insufficient, of course. We keep adding, but it is not what we expected. We wanted to continue with the same trend. You have to work for the next game.

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