De Colo deactivates TD Systems Baskonia's streak

The people from Vitoria fell sharply against Fenerbahçe after winning the last three Euroleague matches. The Frenchman, 27 points.

The first news that emerged before the game was that the Euroleague had sanctioned the club with 8,000 euros for bad behavior with the refereeing trio from the Baskonia-CSKA match last week. It is seen that the hot moments of the court ended up being transferred to the changing rooms. The two named were the Sports Director, Félix Fernández (4,500) and Josean Querejeta himself (president and maximum shareholder), with 3,500. The club will appeal the penalty.

Fenerbahçe jumped onto the pitch with the absences of Barthel and Sipahi, one of the highlights in the first leg at the Buesa Arena. Sedekerskis started with a triple winger but, very soon, the Czech Vesely became the owner and lord of the painting. In fact, he would end the first quarter with 11 points and 2 assists. The magician, in any case, was De Colo, who every time he confronts the Vitorians he takes out his magic wand. The Turks went 10 up at the end of the first installment.

Baskonia again conceded almost 30 points in a quarter but was reactive thanks to Vildoza and Peters. With 38-37 he put fear in the body of the locals but they signed a forceful 7-0 moments later. Kokoskov had seen a technique but De Colo was doing his thing. A man who averaged 11 points per game in the Euroleague until this commitment, with 3 minutes to go before the break, already had 13. A series of good last-minute decisions by those in Istanbul put the score back 10 at the break or, which is the same, tying in the second quarter. But conceding 51 points in the middle of the game was still a suicide for Dusko Ivanovic's men.

From Colo, the star

TD Systems kept walking on the wire. In the first leg he won at Buesa by 18 points and midway through the third period, the individual basket average was already being considered. The Vitorians failed very clear shots while Fenerbahçe did not miss his triples. With 71-51, things already got very ugly. Ivanovic tried to deactivate his rival by proposing several quintets but the truth is that the Istanbul team had a very inspired afternoon. At the end of the third period he was already losing by 18 points, so in the third installment he signed an overall -8.

The fourth quarter started with a 0-4 that led Kokoskov to call a timeout. He did not want to relax and called his own to chapter. Nothing is further from the truth since the gualdinegros put themselves 23 points up with 88-65 in the 37th minute. De Colo went away with 27 points. The team heads straight for its commitment to Tel Aviv where it will play on Thursday from 20:05. It will travel this Wednesday by private charter from Turkey.

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