Dani Sordo: "The objective is to fight for victory"

The Spaniard explains that “it is rare to run without fans. Here I take the whole week from hotel to car and from car to hotel. I have come to think of bringing a motorhome ”.


After two years absent from the Monte Carlo Rally, Dani Sordo returns to a test in which he has already been on the podium three times. He arrives with the good memories of his great season finale in 2020, which he won in Sardinia and secured the brands title to Hyundai with his podium at Monza.

- How do you face your return to Monte Carlo?

- The goal is the same as always: to try to be as high as possible in this rally, which is very difficult, and that this year we will have difficult conditions, although they say it will rain and the temperatures will rise. It's a test that I've been good at in the past, but it's also very easy to make a mistake. It is not a rally just to run, since you have to be very aware of the conditions of the ground, the ice, and the 'ovreur' have a very important job. There are many things, not just driving.

- What is your memory of this rally?

- Well, we started precisely in the section in which I left the last time I ran. It's going to be like starting where we left off in 2018. But I think I can have a good rally on the first day because the stages are good. The second there are already areas of snow and others of dry. It is complicated because you have to fit tires to go through the snow and then suffer in the dry.

- Target?

- The objective is to try to fight for victory. It is clear. Here all the rivals are important, and anyone can win, because many factors influence and it is very easy to make a mistake. The word is not lottery, but it is clear that at any moment you can go out in an ice area that you have not registered, and it's over, or raise more than necessary and lose a lot of time. Anything can happen.

- Will this rally be emotional for being the last with Carlos del Barrio?

- It will be one more rally. We have already had many and he is going to do other things, but we will continue to see each other because it was not a breakup, but something that we decided by mutual agreement. Monte Carlo is always emotional in any case. We have already started to work with Borja Rozada, we did a test and now we will have enough time to live together and adapt. This would not have been the best rally to start with because it is very difficult, but he has come to familiarize himself with the whole team and gain experience.

- Forecast for the 2021 World Cup?

- I think it's going to be a bit like last year. Ogier, Evans, Tanak and Neuville are going to have a great title fight. What happens is that the situation is bad and you have to adapt to the circumstances. Unfortunately, everything points to one more rally falling off the calendar. But it's a shame. Here I have done nothing but go from the hotel to the training car and from there back to the hotel. I have not even been able to go out to do a bit of sports, and I am sick of dining in the room alone. I have come to think of bringing a motorhome to have dinner and those things that now cannot be done. The truth is that it is strange, because I do not stop traveling, and I am not contagious. It's true that I respect all the rules, but I'm not obsessive either. Of course, it is rare to see that there are no fans in the rally.

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