Cycling braking

The international calendar for January and February is bleak. Mood has languished after the euphoria of saving the big three last year


Cycling has braked hard. You open the UCI website and come across the following information: 'Covid-19 pandemic: monitoring of events on the UCI international calendar that are postponed or canceled'. The kilometer holder already puts you in the worst. Click on the header and find the different disciplines. You consult the stellar agenda, that of road cycling, and the outlook is bleak. Most of the races in January and February are crossed out. In this first month only the Marseillaise GP survives, previously also called GP Apertura because it launches the French season and, some years, the European one. This classic was traditionally one of the first tests together with the Challenge de Mallorca. In recent times, other competitions had also settled on other continents such as Down Under, San Juan and Langkawi. All have been discontinued.

The Marseillaise will become this Sunday the first of the year with World Tour teams, but there will be no continuity. The recent cancellation of the Valencian Community, which joins Andalusia, has led to a further delay. The one-day tests survive the pandemic better, although they also suffer its tail blows, as happened with the trimmed Valencia Classic. The first round of the World Tour, the UAE Tour, does not appear until February 21, paradoxically in the same Arab Emirates where a year ago several teams were trapped in quarantine.

A few days ago, a cycling person told me about the advisability of starting to ride now to wake up the mood, which has languished after the euphoria that saving the big three was last year. The cooling is such that data on the Vuelta a España route have barely transcended. The news news points to less lethargic outbreaks. Today we give in AS some brushstrokes of the route that will be presented, with restrictions, on February 11 in Burgos. Let's see if the thing is encouraged. Missing

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