COVID at Sporting: there will be "exemplary" sanctions

The Government Delegate in Asturias has assured that "the full force of the law will be applied to end these behaviors."


The Government Delegate in Asturias, Delia Losa, has referred this Thursday to the investigations into the outbreaks of Covid 19 linked to an alleged party in which some Sporting players participated and which was held at the premises of the vice president of Otea and it has indicated that, "undoubtedly", from what they have "seen", it has been "clear that there were actions subject to sanction", wishing that these possible sanctions "are exemplary" .

Losa, who has attended the media after the inauguration of the new Commissioner of the National Police of Avilés, explained that in the case of this outbreak linked to Sporting, it is the National Police that from the first moment in The one who knew the videos and photos disseminated by social networks was able to investigate the situation. Thus, he has indicated that the agents have already completed all the investigations and is going to submit the report.

"Undoubtedly from what we have seen it is clear that there were actions subject to sanction and that there is no doubt that the full force of the law will be applied to end these behaviors, absolutely everything, out of responsibility and respect for citizenship that complies ", said Losa.

Asked if these sanctions will be for individuals or for hotel establishments, the delegate has stated "I still do not have the files in her hand", but she recalled that the law provides sanctions for both people and establishments that regulations are violated in their premises.

Regarding whether there will be Sporting players among those sanctioned, the Delegate reiterated that "she does not know because she does not have the file." "I do not know, but it will be known because I also want it to be exemplary, society demands it, because it is suffering a lot, it has been suffering for a long time and it cannot be seeing that these attitudes are allowed regardless of who they are," he insisted Slab. In the case of the Grado outbreak, the Government delegate has stated that it is the Civil Guard who is carrying out the investigations.

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