Costalazo of Madrid

The Red Star gives the surprise in the Palace in the game postponed by the storm Filomena. Rudy is injured after falling flat on his back with a minute to go.

The opportunity was good to take a little step forward in the classification, to get closer to the leader, CSKA, but that between the day it was rare (the European Cup is not played on Monday) and that in this competition you cannot make plans, everything went backwards. You have to look in the rear-view mirror and hold on, that curves come with a squad that, despite last week's rest due to postponements, shows a fatigue that has been increased by the casualties. Neither the signing of Tyus allows the essential Tavares to take a break.

The loss for the defeat was also literal in the case of Rudy, who fell flat on his back after a foul by Lazic (in the review they pointed out unsportsmanlike) with only 1:01 remaining, in full comeback. The Mallorcan was one of the outstanding performers as a false power forward to bring speed of movements and fast hands in defense. With three operations on his back, he left the track completely hunched over and helped by the doctor and the physios. Worrying. Nerves won the battle against Llull, who was short but pushed his way by jumping around the bench with a cap and a mask. The epic left Madrid planted and not even Carroll with a last launch could change it.

The Red Star had been wanting to play at the WiZink Center for ten months and had not been able to because of the elements. Last March it was Thompkins positive, which paralyzed the Euroleague, and last week the storm Filomena aborted her trip. At the third time, and via Valencia, the charm arrived. The Serbian team shorts in the Palace against the Royal and… they were eager, motivated.

The attack rebound and the inspiration of Corey Walden, who did not stop connecting them to the heroic (16 points at halftime in 13:39 and 45 his team with only 4 assists), catapulted Radonjic's men from the beginning, who held a couple of local arreones with his shot as a trick: 6 of 12 of three then and 9 of 20 at the end. Actually, in Madrid the point guard (Laprovittola, 8 goals and 15 assists for a PIR of 15 in the same 13 minutes as Walden) and the pivot (Tavares) played. The rest transmitted little: a small entry from Causeur, a triple from Rudy, a good defense from Thompkins to O'Bryant ... Not enough. No rhythm, a flat walk: 40-45.

It remained to be seen if in the third quarter we would see an acceleration. It did not arrive. The Laprovittola-Tavares duo was not a factor in that stretch, with misgivings on both sides of the field as Estrella Roja opened up the track and racked up some good shots. In the absence of a tenth of the third period, Taylor's more technical foul sequence gave another push to Belgrade: 58-66. And 3:20 later, following a robbery and unopposed counterattack, 58-70.

Laso had tried with Abalde at the helm and Garuba as an energy catalyst, and without Tavares. They weren't in gear, so the coach turned to the classics after hitting rock bottom: Lapro and Tavares inside with Rudy as false center and Carroll and Taylor on the wings. More than a reaction to the heroic one, we saw trade, that of some players who know how to move on the wire, and we also saw too many errors to be able to complete the comeback.

There was no magic streak or someone blessed by inspiration; but the seconds advanced and Madrid was still alive: 69-76 in the absence of 3:30. And 73-76 already in the last minute. Lapro raised the tension with two free games (77-78) after a great two against one between him and Tavares to Quino Colom to recover the ball. The Spanish international then scored an attempt from the personal: 77-79 and 6 seconds.

Madrid would have one last chance by putting the ball into play from the attacking field: Causeur cuts and threatens the reception and the one who receives the post is Thompkins, who takes a proximity pass to Carroll, forced to shoot very fast and very forced. Water. After the flashes of Walden, the work of ant of pieces like Dobric, Lazic, Reath and a Kuzmic prevailed that held the pulse to Tavares. The Red Star takes the thorn out of Madrid.

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