Coral victory for a Barça that remains intractable in 2021

UCAM Murcia lost by one at halftime, but was widely beaten in the third quarter with a 25-9 run for the Catalans. Immaculate January.


The defense of Barça, yet another game, was the key to Barça's victory. In this case in domestic competition and against a UCAM Murcia that competed well until the break, but was unable to score after him. A 31-9 run between the third and the last quarter sentenced a game that ended with a comfortable victory for the hosts.

The concatenation of errors with which the game started favored UCAM Murcia, which from the beginning dominated the rebound thanks to Lima. Jasikevicius saw him instantly and brought Pustovyi in to neutralize the team's main weak point. And it worked. Mirotic put his team ahead with a triple and from there Barça was intractable. He nailed UCAM with 11 points (they lost 9 balls in 10 minutes) and the Catalans were able to run. The result was a 14-2 run that left the locals, at the end of the quarter, nine up (20-11) .

If UCAM Murcia managed to evaporate the distance on the scoreboard in the second quarter it was thanks to several proper names. The first was Strawberry, very successful in shooting, who went up to 12 points with a triple key. Tomás Bellas also participated, with two consecutive robberies from Calathes. And he signed up for the Frankamp party (nine points) that put UCAM ahead in an instant. Barça was never comfortable on the court, it was difficult for him to score and his important men did not appear. When the Catalans were able to run they increased the distance on the scoreboard, but UCAM tried to avoid it as much as possible. At rest, 37-36.

The good feelings of UCAM Murcia disappeared after the break, which opened the club with a partial 8-0. But not only did Barça live on his success, but above all on his defense. UCAM was unable to score for many minutes and continued to add losses, something that Barça obviously took advantage of. Mirotic scored easily and Barça played much more liberated, unbalancing the game. The advantage, the maximum of the game, reached 17 points in a quarter that ended with a partial of 25-9.

Despite the difference of 20 points (65-45), Barça did not lower the defensive intensity and, in addition, activated Kuric. The shooter's points ended up giving UCAM the finishing touch, which had a practically impossible mission ahead of it: cut 20 points from Barça in less than 8 minutes. In the previous 12, they only scored nine.

In addition, unfortunately for the visitors, Barça began to score triples. Already with the less common on the court, both Bolmaro and Westermann scored from outside. Barça did not slow down, finally taking the game with a comfortable 92-63. The second half was devastating for UCAM Murcia, who had to stop the match on several occasions so that Barça did not open a blushing gap.

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