City is here: defeat Villa and are the new leader

Bernardo Silva, from Rodrigo's pass, and Gündogan, from a penalty, scored goals for Guardiola's team in the final minutes of the match.


One occasion after another. Some for Manchester City. Others for Aston Villa. Lots of arrivals to the area. With errors and saves, with point-blank shots that do not enter and with blocks inside the area throwing himself to the ground as if it were the last ball that they were going to touch in his life. Everything was heroic and comic in equal measure. Until Rodrigo recovered a ball in the opposite field, he gave it to Bernardo Silva and he put it out of the reach of Emiliano Martínez, who had stopped everything.

At the end the 'citizens' found their way to the goal 10 minutes from the end and sentenced in 90 with a goal from Gündogan from a penalty (2-0). A soggy road after 24 hours in which it had not stopped raining in Manchester, but that leaves them with three more points in the standings and with the provisional leadership in the Premier League, waiting for Manchester United to play.

In the last 10 league games, Pep Guardiola's team has only conceded two goals against. Aston Villa could not break that streak. When McGinn had it, he failed to shoot. When the ball reached Ramsey, Rúben Dias crossed first. When Barkley tried, he couldn't find the hole. This is how the locals endured, with Stones and Ruben Dias as banners, but also with a plethora of Cancelo.

Although the story was the same, and more pronounced, in the Aston Villa area. Emiliano Martínez was a wall accompanied by Konsa, Mings or Targett. The bad news came in the form of injuries. In the first half Walker withdrew due to muscular problems and in the second Kevin De Bruyne left the pitch.

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