Chronicle of a "catastrophe": tension, 'Marcos Alonso case', training methods ...

'The Athletic' adds causes to Lampard's dismissal at Chelsea. The episode with the Spanish side laid the foundations for the loss of the dressing room.


"Don't worry, this will all be over soon," a member of Lampard's coaching staff was saying to some players, weeks before his firing. 'The Athletic' has shed light on everything that happened around the figure of the now technical 'blue' and one of the main causes that ended his term was the progressive loss of the costumes.

Y is that, the recipients of this proclamation were none other than some players, who did not share the 'Lampard method'. The relationship with Kepa was, perhaps, the most vaunted disagreement with one of his pupils and one of the episodes that marked his relationship with the noble part of the club, but the Spanish goalkeeper and Marina Granovskaia were not the only ones who had communication problems with him. ex-midfielder. The English press adds that Lampard was not fired after the dismissal of his former players. In fact, only Thiago Silva has publicly said goodbye to Lampard through social networks ... 444 444

"The problem was that the coach did not talk to the players. Well, only with the ones he liked," says a source from 'The Athletic'. "I know that the players who were not part of his rosters did not speak to him in many months. And that is very frustrating for a player, because you don't know what to do to improve, what the coach thinks. It's crazy," he adds.

Lack of communication and "catastrophe"

"Obviously, when Chelsea were on their 17-game undefeated streak (between September and December), the manager is not going to make too many changes. But you still have to talk to the people. The players go to fear knocking on the coach's door, because it can lead to negative consequences for them, "continued this source. While a player consulted by this means qualifies as a "catastrophe" if Lampard had continued to lead the team.

"Communication between Lampard and the players was not fluid. When I met one of the players last year I asked him if the coach would tell them things. He said: 'No, normally, he doesn't talk to the players.' I said that I did not understand it, because Lampard needs to maintain a professional relationship with each footballer. You need to know your players, give them information and guide them, "added another of those questioned by this means. What's more, the tension in the dressing room was compared from the inside to what José Mourinho experienced in the last days at the helm of Chelsea, before he was fired.Disagreement with Marcos Alonso

Although another of the reasons why Lampard 'lost his men' was what happened with Marcos Alonso. The winger was substituted in a game against West Brom in September when the team trailed 3-0 at halftime. Lampard's anger was sounded and he did not let the player sit down with the rest of his teammates in the second half, assigning him a different place in the stands, since the Spanish had tried to go to the club bus after being substituted.

Since then, Marcos has not played again and the way Lampard has handled the situation has not been liked by the squad. "What happened with Alonso set a dangerous precedent with regard to Lampard and his ability to manage a dressing room," says another of the sources consulted by the aforementioned medium.

Training in the eye of the storm The intensity of them was appreciated at first, but the load of matches did not cause the coach to slow down the pace and this created constant concern, as another of the individuals remarked: "There was a concern that the players were not only going to end up exhausted, if not, that there were many ballots that people began to suffer more and more injuries ".

The losing streak of results did the rest. And if the previous year Lampard managed to save a tremendously complicated ballot and put the team in the Champions League despite the sanction, 250 million euros in signings do not correspond to the ninth league position. Fitting issues for the top two star arrivals, Werner and Havertz, didn't help his tenure either. Thus, at 9 a.m. this Monday, Lampard was fired at a meeting and Tuchel is already preparing his suitcases.

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