Christ leaves Cartagena on the canvas

The visitors were able to achieve a much larger victory against an opponent in which the arrival of Carrión to the bench had no effect.


FC Cartagena is still in free fall and Carrión, who made his debut in front of the port city team, has not hit the mark for the moment. And it is that against CD Mirandés the same mistakes were made as in Borja Jiménez's stage and in the three matches directed by Pepe Aguilar. A team that makes serious mistakes in the rear and that lacks spark in the development of the game and in the attack. All this was taken advantage of by the rival, who made an extraordinary first half and ended three days without knowing the victory. In addition, it takes an important step in its fight for permanence.

If CD Mirandés had gone to rest with a scandal win in favor, no one would have been surprised. It was a real gale from the start against FC Cartagena that made an appearance, but little else. Perhaps the nerves gripped those of Carrión, who were overcome at all times. After five minutes, Pablo Martínez launched a missile from afar that crashed into the crossbar and put fear in the body of the locals. Then the first warning of Christ. After the loss of Carrasquilla and without David Simón on the side, the striker crossed the left wing, went into the area but ran into Marc Martínez.

The two scares awakened the Albinegros, who with Gallar in command sought to damage Lizoain's goal. Without great fanfare, they matched the match. But the joy faded with the first big mistake of the night. José Ángel made an absurd penalty on Djouahra and Cristo did not miss the gift to make it 0-1. Without time to react, the 0-2 of Cristo and with another defensive failure. He kicked FC Cartagena from the center, pressed CD Mirandés and the ball stolen in three quarters for the former Udinese, who danced in the area and defined with great quality.

And there were fifteen minutes until the break. In another bad action in the exit of the ball, mirandesista recovery that ended with Christ inside the area against David Simón and Marc Martínez. When the third was called, the defender repelled the attacker's shot. Before the break, Clavería was able to close the gap but did not take advantage of a rebound from Lizoain to a shot from Elady. José Alberto's men scored 0-3, although the VAR validated Berrocal's goal for lack of Christ in the corner kick.

One march less

In the second period, the game was another. The Albinegro team, which got De Blasis, improved and the adversary lowered the pace of arrivals, not the intensity of their game both in defense and attack. Gallar scored, but offside, while Víctor Gómez and Javi Muñoz sought the third with long shots. In the first, Marc Martínez had to intervene and in the second the ball went off narrowly.

The changes left FC Cartagena, who suffered from the opponent's counterattacks. But no more blood was made, CD Mirandés has done a lot of damage in the two games in which it has measured both teams this season since in the first round they won 4-1.

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