Carvajal, birthday without Super Cup against Athletic

The Madrid winger suffered a puncture ten days ago against Celta that will cause him to be out against Athletic in the semifinal on Thursday (9:00 pm CEST). In addition, it has renewed until 2025.


Dani Carvajal has turned 29 today with a bittersweet flavor. The international side of Real Madrid will not be able to help his teammates this Thursday in Malaga against Athletic Bilbao, as was his wish. The owner of the right wing of Zidane's project (although Lucas Vázquez has become a luxury replacement in that position) suffered a puncture ten days ago against Celta that made him ask for the change. As the referee showed him the yellow for believing that he was wasting time, assuming the fifth card and a penalty game it was thought that it was a strategy to clean up and be able to help the team with peace of mind in the next league matches. It was known that it was compulsory leave in Pamplona and it was not given more importance. But Carvajal's muscle discomfort continued and, although there has been no medical report, club sources confirm that they have a minor injury and that he will not travel to Malaga for the semifinal of the Super Cup this time he plays at La Rosaleda (9:00 p.m.). What is not clear is whether he could force to travel before a hypothetical final with Barcelona or Real Sociedad, which would be played at La Cartuja in Seville next Sunday. In any case and taking into account that the youth squad spent last week recovering in the gym and that the snow has prevented him from going to Valdebebas these days, it seems unlikely that he could force himself at the risk of having a major problem. Carvajal's biggest problem is precisely the injuries. On October 2, the internal lateral ligament of his right knee was torn and he spent almost two months on leave. Zidane was able to resolve his absence with Lucas Vázquez and, on occasion, with Nacho. Both comply with guarantees.

But the surprising thing is that Álvaro Odriozola, Carvajal's natural substitute on the squad, has not played a single minute since September 30. It cost a total of 30 million euros in the summer of 2018 and its presence has been almost testimonial. Zidane does not believe in him and a year ago he let him go on loan to Bayern Munich as he did not have minutes, but he did not play just in the Bavarian capital either. In fact, Marcelino is interested in incorporating him into his new project at Athletic and Madrid would not see him with bad eyes. In Madrid, with Zidane, he will not play. Apart from Carvajal, Lucas and Nacho, Zizou has even approved Militao there ...

There is no doubt that Carvajal has gained a lot of weight in this Real Madrid. His leadership has also been extrapolated to the dressing room, where he is one of the most authoritative voices. His situation is also very solid, given that he has recently renewed until 2025, so together with Casemiro he is one of the few players who have managed to overcome for the moment the economic problem generated by the pandemic by ensuring his continuity in the club. long-term. Carvajal has already played 290 games with the Real Madrid shirt, adding 7 goals (the one in the derby against Atleti should be given to him for his impressive shot from the edge of the area) and 47 assists. He is also a fixed with the Spain of Luis Enrique. Injuries aside, Carvajal is in his best professional moment (his value in Transfermarkt is 40 million euros) and personal (he was a father for the first time on December 9) .

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