Borja Garcés, very close to arriving at Fuenlabrada

The understanding between the player, the Azulón club and Atlético is almost total. Only some economic details weigh down the signing of the forward's loan.


Fuenlabrada is close to closing the loan of striker Borja Garcés (Melilla, 1999) until the end of the season. As AS reported, the Azulón club would have asked Atlético weeks ago, where Garcés plays in its subsidiary, about the possibilities of completing the loan. Now, the operation seems to be successful thanks to the understanding of all the parties involved, as this newspaper learned.

The operation would be beneficial for all those involved; hence, that good harmony between those involved. Fuenlabrada are looking to add one more striker in a battered position to their squad after Sekou Gassama's injury. For this reason and although from the club they claim to be very happy with Kanté, Garcés's signature would give Sandoval more wardrobe background. For the interests of the player and the club, which go almost hand in hand, the arrival of Garcés at Torres would give minutes in professional football to an areite who cries out for them.

Y is that Garcés is one of the jewels of the red and white quarry. In January 2019, it renewed until 2022 with a clause of 45 million. In addition, Cholo included him in the A list of the Champions League with the first team. Quite a prize for a young forward of just 19 years. However, three months later the crusader was broken and he had to undergo surgery. It would not be the only time. In January 2020, he scored again with Atlético B, but in June he had to undergo arthroscopy again in the same knee. Garcés adds two goals this season with the Atlético subsidiary in Group 5 subgroup A.

Small financial details slow down the operation, but the good will of the Metropolitano team on the salary issue could accelerate it and finalize the signing shortly. In addition, Fuenlabrada's interest in Garcés and vice versa already came from the summer when they met, although the agreement did not bear fruit.

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