Bilbao improves but continues to decline, by one point

Mumbrú's team had ten seconds to make the winning basket against Andorra, but Rousselle was run over in attack. Huskic, key in the reaction from -14 points.


Bilbao Basket had ten seconds to ring the bell against Andorra that accumulated six defeats in a row until today, counting ACB and Eurocup, and was not for gifts from Kings with days late. It is already a feat for a team so dwarfed by losses and lack of quality to finally be in the game against a superior enemy, so having the winning shot means that it is rising from the despondency. If you are laminated by the wounds, as soon as staff are added, it feels like a weekend party. For example, having Rousselle at the wheel is a blessing, although the French point guard is sometimes maddeningly confused or misses trays that are stepping stones to victory, as in a clear counterattack down the middle with a final deposit that fell short. . The last play was his. Ten seconds with 72-70, in which coach Navarro asked not to be necessary. There was no downtime because they had been spent, so it was pulled in the background. Instead of taking the central lane with determination and going quickly to attack the hoop in search of generating something, either a foul or a throw, for which Kulboka and Jenkins were qualified, he ran over, gave a bad and late pass to the North American, who He came out of position and his bazooka could not be calibrated.

RETAbet continues to decline, by just one point after Baskonia beat Betis (they are both tied with Gipuzkoa, at 4-15, all with the same games played, a rare thing with this COVID CBA), but it should come out proud of the Principality. It is true that his 'treses', Zyskowski and Reyes, are going through a galloping crisis, but the pieces, before dancing without much consistency on the court, are repositioning and fitting in better. The fight in Andorra for RETAbet was more against himself, against that permanent search for the lost identity if he ever had it in his mind, than against Navarro's group. What is difficult to fix is to fight the physique of people like Olumuyiwa, Sy or Tyson Pérez while Balvin is still out. The team emptied itself in defense in many moments, it is honest, although it has a galloping rebounding deficit and its decisions in attack are less debatable. He was very attentive to all Chacón, a 3-4, another kid from the quarry who has had the prize of attending a match closely in the elite.

In the second half Mumbrú demanded to go vertical to the hoop to the first pot to look for fouls, because between the last quarter of Bamberg in Championships and the first one today, the Bilbao Basket rivals have thrown 18 minutes without being punished with a pitiful personal . The 'men in black' noticed that they lacked legs to defend well on the perimeter and received baskets. The one who has them is Brown, but he doesn't quite have that serenity to know how to use them as he should. He did put them to work in a smash in minute three of the second half, breaking Senglin and outwitting the help of the gigantic Olumuyiwa. This time the local 9-0 run at the end of the first act did not put the Biscayan ghosts in dance. There was a lot of pride and strength of mind, partly due to the impudence of Kljajic, a kid who comes from LEB Plata and grows day by day, who brings a blessed fresh air. Tabu, another former, executed the people of Bilbao with Manresa, and Hannah, another well-known face, threatened this time with the wedge of the same wood in the Principality. But between two free throws and a very affordable two-shot that missed, the point guard almost ruined his teammates.

The 43-32 and especially the 52-46, were answered by a team determined not to fall to the relegation zone. Navarro had it clear: with Rousselle the burden had to be so great that the Gaul's ideas had to be hijacked. It was achieved in many phases. And with Kjajic, they left him more free, waiting for the pass or the penetration to block what he could generate. Kulboka had a great game of those that seemed forgotten. Mumbrú combined inner pairs and that of Huskic-Miniotas definitely kindled hope. The center loaned by Burgos broke Olumuyiwa's waist and showed that any step ahead of him raises the group's ambition and hope. The pause, the ideas and the winning option grow with a base and a moderately centered five. But it will take more to escape hell.

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