Bilbao falls in Bamberg and the pass will be played in Turkey

A 21-0 between the third and last quarter brought to light again the mental fragility of the team, which must save an average of nine points against Pinar Karsiyaka.


Bilbao Basket will play its European future in 15 days in Turkey, on the Pinar Karsiyaka court. He will have to raise the nine points of difference that the Ottoman rival reaped in Miribilla. In reality, this Champions League is just a distraction on the thorny road to permanence that the Mumbrú team tries to explore. His face in Bamberg was a poem. He did not like arbitration at all. Salgado, one of his assistants, tried to encourage him. His appearance as a troubled coach is not for less. His team is a flan, as soon as a wide partial falls, he melts. And bad luck keeps haunting him. He has his two bases in the infirmary and on the big day of Betolaza, a kid who is all illusion and who was going to have many minutes, he also fell injured, in the right ankle. It seems that if there is a demon in this game, he is inviting Miribilla's team to hell.

A 21-0 unleashed all the torments of Bilbao on the penultimate day of the first phase of the Champions League. As the Fortitudo is a daily laugh, the Pinar has imposed itself on the track of the once prestigious Bologna team, and has all the ballots to pass with a leading Brose who walked in six minutes between the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the last. From 51-52 in a good basketball game, with Biscayan impudence, to a 72-52 slap.

And what went wrong? Well, the head, the mental fragility of a group that not even the incorporations of clean minds like Jenkins and Aminu take it out of the gutter. What will this team need? Well, maybe a tough guy, a strong man, a Superman from the area like Balvin. Come back as soon as possible! The rumor of a possible interest from Olympiacos, absolutely false, put more than one fan on Miribilla's nerves. Everything was well oriented. RETAbet had a rhythm, each player complied on the court and they used this Champions League for what it really is: improving the sensations. Aminu was lit up, with some Jabbar-type hook, and the team was still standing. He managed ten points of advantage and knew how to cover his shortcomings perfectly.

But at the slightest blow, everything goes to hell. The captains, Rousselle and Balvin, were at home and their personalities are necessary in such trances. The team faltered on the inside. Sengfelder, a rough 6-foot man, pitched at ease, swinging like a 2..20 near the rim. And Kravish, ex from Manresa, acted as a German executioner. Base Hundt was the third local pillar. The Brose began to generate penetrations and from the inside out. Then he put it all in from the triple arc. A gale that nobody was able to contain, because the people of Bilbao were disorganized, they did not conform to any script and for example Brown, one of those who had to do it, was in his anarchic lashes. Mumbrú put a 2-3 zone but the team did not reach the corners and so on. Unfortunately, Reyes' rotation did not contribute anything and Kulboka has taken to hiding now in the corners of the field and is an absolute drag. Huskic has not just seen the light either, he is a very soft player and what the team demands is something else, because the hole in defense is seen even in the antipodes. The German team did not make a single foul in eight minutes and 21 seconds of the last quarter. Ten in all were whistled. He did not commit them because nobody structured himself to look for good shots or strike inside, although some more could have already been endorsed. The nightmare ended at -15. Now, to think about Andorra. Another War of Care.

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