Bilbao Basket says goodbye to the Champions League with defeat

Pinar Karsiyaka took a 25-point lead and took his foot off the gas. Balvin is picking up pace, but the Mumbrú team is still very touched for the Obradoiro 'final'.


Bilbao Basket closed its first participation in the Champions League with a defeat that was sung since it left home on Monday morning at six. The feeling was accentuated when he arrived in Izmir at 9:00 p.m. after the travel odyssey. And it took place this afternoon on the Pinar Karsiyaka track, where curiously no one occupies the stands, only photos of fans, but in a small sector about a hundred people were crowded.

The crash against Pinar had no history. To pass the phase, the 'men in black' had to win by ten, raising the 'average' of the first leg, or by nine as long as they scored more than 82 points, which are the ones that fit into Miribilla. An almost impossible figure to reach with the depression that has been haunting RETAbet for weeks and the little game they have in their hands.

The beating was almost done and the ideal was to find at least positive foci to boost the morale of the troops, facing the visit to the Obradoiro on Saturday, crucial for their permanence. Balvin, for example, has no rhythm, but an evolution has been seen against Pinar. Due to the issue of quotas, Zyskowski was ruled out and that allowed Reyes to regain the role of an important player who assumes shots and responsibility. He took advantage of the afternoon. And Kljajic right now gives more security leading the baton than a lost Rousselle. With the game won, Karsiyaka made rotations because his mind was already in his league and the Biscayan were able to make up the scoreboard. The Ottomans arrived with eight consecutive games won, since November 21 they had only lost to Bamberg, on both occasions, and the intractable Efes, are second in their domestic competition and came to surprise Fenerbahçe.

Bilbainos close a bittersweet journey here. It is a beautiful tournament, with good teams, but his head is no longer there, he resides in the ACB. Also, the infirmary has shaken him. He has employed 18 players in the Champions League, the last one being the junior youth junior in the Chacón European tournament, and back there he had Del Val prepared, although he did not act.

Morgan, first looking at the triple to remove Balvin, and M'Baye were the great executioners in Izmir. Also Taylor. Much more rhythm. And triples. Jenkins got two baskets, but it happens like the rest, it has no continuity. It should be the leader of the group, the one who pulls the car, and there is no straight line that leads to think that by chasing him, salvation will be closer. There is a defensive problem and ideas are not abundant in attack. And then there are the partials: 14-0 (34-21) and a 19-3 (39-14) this time. That leads to shipwreck. The Turks were much more emotionally stable and a pivot would steal the ball and shoot from a distance or run that a point guard caught a loose rebound. Lately the chroniclers who make the Bilbao Basket are more attentive to the ceiling of advantage of the rivals than to the delicacies that the boys from Mumbrú bring with the ball in their hands. This time the cap went to 25.

Miribilla's team wanted to abandon that defeatist air at times, a large part of the players seemed to be connected to the game. But again Rousselle, the one who has to take the reins, was disorderly, more aware of the line than of the bulls. The Ottomans better interpreted the laws that prevail in Europe. They knew that it can be carried with the shoulder when entering the basket, or pushed aside slightly with the arm. Mumbrú came hot from the Bamberg match and was punished with technique for protesting angrily. Balvin had a sting with Morgan and in a counterattack he took his leg out from the ground and knocked him down. Unsportsmanlike. Much impotence. The losses, the offensive rebounds from Pinar and the way he unprotected the ball ruined one more afternoon the desire for an image for hope. The thing looks bad. Santiago, on Saturday, will clarify the panorama.

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