Baskonia will have to pay 8,000 euros for protests in the match against CSKA

The Euroleague has announced that it will force Baskonia to pay 8,000 euros for protests against the referee trio during the match against CSKA Moscow.

The Euroleague announced on Tuesday that it will fine TD Systems Baskonia with a fine of 8,000 euros for protests against the refereeing trio during the match against CSKA Moscow corresponding to the eighteenth day. Specifically, the punishments fall on the club's sports director, Félix Fernández and its president, Josean Querejeta, who have been sanctioned with fines of 4,500 and 3,500 respectively, "for actions that represent a lack of respect" to the arbitration trio.

The sanction is based on article 27.2.b of the Euroleague disciplinary code, which indicates that "it will be considered a minor offense to insult, offend or commit acts that demonstrate a lack of respect towards a member of the refereeing team, another individual, the public , a follower or any person in general when such actions do not constitute a serious infringement ". From the Vitoria club they have confirmed that the pertinent allegations have been carried out and await a response to them soon.

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