Baskonia takes it out on Betis: Peters (27) leads the beating

The team led by Dusko Ivanovic forgot about the two defeats of the week in the Euroleague and ended Betis in Vitoria. Peters and Vildoza, the best.


Baskonia faced the game with the bad feelings that the week had left them, falling in Istanbul with Fenerbahçe and in Tel Aviv against Maccabi. Furthermore, in both cases, he had lost his particular average. Ivanovic had his entire squad, something that draws attention despite the compulsive way in which official commitments are being scheduled. In the league and in the Euroleague, about three games per week.

Coosur Betis had the losses of Spiers and Niang. He had recently cut Obi and activated Jordan's token. Old acquaintances in Vitoria wearing green and white (Sports Director and assistant coach) with a Joan Plaza who tries to give another personality to a team from the bottom of the leaderboard. They are different realities with an Andalusian team fighting for permanence against a Baskonia that will be seeded tomorrow in the draw for the Copa del Rey in Madrid, which starts on February 11.

The crash started with an exchange of triples and an unleashed Vildoza that had 9 points in 6 minutes. Baskonia went as far as 14-5 in the opening minutes but, as soon as they relaxed a bit, Dusko Ivanovic called a timeout. Every time they painted the face of one of his defensive players, he would sit him down. It happened to Polonara and also to Fall. In the last games, including the ones he has won, he had conceded around 30 points in the first quarter. And that, against Betis, the Montenegrin did not want that to happen. The Andalusians left with 13 in their private account.

Coosur Betis responded well at the start of the second quarter, with a 0-7 run and Randle distributing and assisting. At 28-26, the local coach stopped the game and made some changes. The man who kept Baskonia in scoring was Peters, who by the 17th minute had already 16 points. It was when TD Systems got the batteries in defense and did not forgive in attack. In fact, in the last minutes of the second period, the partial that the Basques signed was 24-10. In this way, they left the commitment practically seen for sentence. The Vitorians were in a projection of more than 100 points at the end of the game and, above all, leaving the rival at the border of 70.

The second part did not have much history because the differences already seemed marked. It is true that Betis got to 9 points with 57-48 but the Vitorians knew how to maintain the income without great sweat. Henry received a blow to the head in the 27th minute but was able to continue playing. In fact, the first thing he did was a basket penetration. But, just in case and due to head injury protocols, Ivanovic sat him down and put Vildoza on the field. By the 29th minute, the Baskonians were already winning by more than 20 (76-55). The top scorer of the match was the American Alec Peters, who finished with 27 points in his private locker. Ivanovic finished with Henry, Raieste, Kuruçs, Sedekerskis (who had his birthday) and Diop on the court. The maximum difference occurred with the final result.

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