Baskonia gets complicated

Dusko Ivanovic's team adds its second consecutive defeat in the Euroleague and moves away from the Top 8. Henry (24 + 8) and Peters (18), very alone against the local power.


Dusko Ivanovic asked in the previous one for more defensive concentration than in Istanbul and did not concede 30 points in the first quarter as had happened on several occasions lately: against Valencia, Unicaja or Fenerbahçe without going any further. But TD Systems received 26 in the first quarter and went into halftime with 47 against. Luckily he was also inspired by attack to face the second part of the commitment with certain options.

Fall started the game dominating the paint and Maccabi showed that he was not very focused (0-6 initial). It was when Zoosman from the triple and Wilbekin, with Zicic, began to wake up and respond to the Vitoria team. It is embarrassing that, every time you get a triple, a bullfighting pasodoble sounds over the megaphone. But that's what there is. Henry and Peters were charged with two fouls each and Di Bartolomeo began to strike for real (17-13). Baskonia added 7 fouls against and Maccabi, only 4. At the end of the first installment, 5 points down and those of Ivanovic, with 7 losses already.

The little ones from the yellow team did a lot of damage to the Alava team. And that Wilbekin went to rest with 0 points, but his descent over the Hebrew game is absolute. Giedraitis and Polonara were quite down and the entry of Casspi added dynamite to the Israeli attack (32-28, min. 13). In the middle of the second quarter, Baskonia had already 9 losses, by 3 for the local team. Although the Vitorians fit in as best they could Maccabi's blows, they also responded in attack and the crash went to a 47-43 at halftime. As soon as TD Systems pressed on defense, he would have options to enter the fight for the match and the particular average in the second half. Interestingly, the scorers for the home team were not the leading spades but the supporting players.

Sfairopoulos was aware that there are three players just entering Baskonia's rotation and by half-time he had already used his twelve men. The first thing Wilbekin did as soon as he returned from the locker room was to score a basket with a long-range shot. The Basques were almost 3 minutes without adding and that was when Vildoza chained 5 points in a row. Things were fairly even (56-53, min. 25) but a good end of the period by Maccabi, with a triple included almost on Caloiaro's horn, took the figure to 68-60 with ten minutes remaining. And that, moments before, Bender had been punished with an unsportsmanlike foul. The people from Vitoria flirted on several occasions with hugging their rival on the scoreboard but they did not succeed at any time.

Otello Hunter was the main protagonist at the beginning of the last quarter. Baskonia's center on duty went out to do a two-on-one but that help left the low post orphaned and the American could hang himself a couple of times without having his peer defend him. Also a question of good passers, of course. With 80-71 in minute 35 things started to get ugly. Peters from the triple and Henry with his penetrations returned to threaten with the comeback but it did not come. Wilbekin started shooting very long triples and, at the third time, one of them entered the Basque basket. With 47 seconds remaining, Maccabi was winning 89-80 and everything was ready for sentencing. Also the particular average because the yellows had won in Vitoria in the first round by 63 to 67. Two games away from Vitoria and two defeats in a week to forget. Trips and averages against Fenerbahçe on Tuesday and the whole of Tel Aviv on Thursday.

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