Barça still owes Pucela part of the Arnáiz transfer

The Real Valladolid youth squad appears in the papers published by Barcelona, also after his sale to Leganés.


Barcelona made official through an economic report a liability of 1,173 million euros, of which 730 are short-term debt. In this, it appears as one of the clubs to which Real Valladolid owes money, thanks to the transfer of Jose Arnáiz. The Blanquivioleta youth squad was transferred in the summer of 2018 to the Barça entity, which two and a half years later still owes the Valladolid 250,000 euros, which is included in that short-term debt as part of the total payment of four million euros agreed then.

The attacker from La Mancha, whom the sports management wanted to repatriate last summer, was later sold to Leganés, a club that also appears in the Barça papers. The Madrid club, which became strong in this and other operations against Pucela, signed an agreement with the Catalans for which 1,667 million would still be deferred for this season, still pending payment. After a gray period, in which José failed to shine due to injuries, he has scored four goals so far this season.

Before starting to make them, his frustrated return to Zorrilla delighted many. The player himself maintains a special relationship with Valladolid, after his eldest son was born here, as he and his partner have shown on multiple occasions on social networks. This same campaign both have shared snapshots in the city or with the club's kit.

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