Azarenka tries to put peace in the chaos of Australia

The Belarusian tennis player published a letter on her social networks in which she asks for cooperation between the tennis players and the Australian authorities because of the quarantine of the tennis players.


Statements continue regarding the quarantine that tennis players are complying with in Melbourne and Adelaide before the next Australian Open (February 8-21) to prevent the tournament from becoming a focus of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the numerous criticisms in recent hours, with Djokovic's request to the Australian authorities to make the conditions more flexible (something they rejected this Monday), there have been other voices that advocate a consensual solution so that the situation does not lead to chaos .

One of these voices has been that of the Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka, champion of the Australian Open in 2012 and 2013, who through her social networks wanted to send a message to her colleagues and the organizers and said that she understands the need to comply This quarantine despite the fact that it ruins all the previous work. "Dear Australian players, coaches, teams and community. I would like to have a moment and address my colleagues and also the media around the world. It has been a very difficult time for many of us who did not expect to end up in the situation in the one we are in today, and I include myself. Being in a strict quarantine for 14 days is very hard to accept since it ruins all the work we have done in preseason to prepare for our first Grand Slam of the year. I understand the frustration and the feeling of injustice that has been generated and that is overwhelming us ".

"The population of Australia has lived with many restrictions that they have not been able to choose"

'Vika 'recognizes that the organizers can have failures in this type of situation but asks the rest of the tennis players to understand the current moment and also to understand the people Australia, which has been subjected to several of the most restrictive measures in the fight against the coronavirus. "We have a global pandemic and nobody has a manual on how to operate at full capacity and without technical failures, we already saw it last year. Sometimes things happen and we have to accept it, adapt and not stop! I would like to ask my colleagues cooperation, understanding and empathy for the local community who have been having a very hard time with many restrictions that they have not chosen but have had to follow ".

Azarenka also wanted to have a message for all those who have been affected by the pandemic, those who fight the virus on the front line and also for the media and the people of Australia who have been critical of the presence of tennis players. "I would also like to ask for sensitivity to the people who have lost their jobs and their loved ones during this horrible time for all of us around the world. I would like to ask for respect for the people who work tirelessly to try to make our lives more easy. I want to ask the media to please be aware of the impact and influence they have on this situation and the community. And I would like the people of the community to know and understand that our main objective is to ensure safety and health of all people ".

For this reason Azarenka ends his letter with a message of unity so that, among all of us, the current situation at the Australian Open does not lead to chaos due to the quarantine. "Lastly, I would like us to support each other and be willing to help each other. Things are easier when you have a compassionate environment and we work together. Thank you again for all your efforts and we will continue to navigate with this situation for the next few days. and weeks ".

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